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Does anyone know why this happens? Just curious. My son had many spots that developed a year and some months after his initial hospitalization. They were red rings anywhere from 2in. in diameter to less than the size if a dime with clear skin on the inside and what looked like a bite or small red mark in the center of each one. Took him to doc and they had three docs come in and look at it all scratching their heads and going, " don't see something like THAT everday!" they gave him some antihistimine and it went away later on that day. It was very itchy and it was everywhere. They told me it could not be Lyme b/c the antihistime worked. Who knows, they were not right about anything else with him and ended up saying he probably needed a psychiatrist because he had to be making things up w/ so many negative tests. Like you can make up rashes, fevers, and bloody dry eyes!!! Needless to say, he was dianosed later and I switched docs. Found out rashes after the initial bite are common, even ones that do not look like a bullseye. To my knowledge, they go "unexpained". Does anyone know a reason for this or is it just the body telling us, "still something wrong in here and I'm trying to fight?" ---laurie

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