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I'm 33 and was infected with lyme when I was 12. My initial diagnosis as a child was viral Meningitis. I continued with no treatment until the age of 24.

After several years of treatment my lyme symptoms became less severe but I also developed a new one. One of them was a rash. The rash usually comes out when I'm sweating or hot and or have had very little water or food to eat. If I'm the least bit dehydrated.

The rash appears on my shoulders and chest. It looks kind of like a Cumulonimbus cloud shape with clear circles or small clear shapes within the rash. As soon as the rash appears, so do my other symptoms.

I have learned that the only way for me to keep the rash away, tremers, stuffy sinuses, crackling ears, is to keep my metablolism continuously running. I do this by eating several small meals throughout the day, exercising, and using coloidal silver in combination with hot baths.

The hot bath does a couple of key things. It raises blood pressure which will encourage lymph drainage and it also raises your metabolism which in turn makes it more difficult for toxins to collect. Speaking personally, it is my opinon that it is the accumulation of toxins in the brain from lyme that result in the severity of the symptoms.

Lyme works by slowing you down so it can repoduce and collect faster. The slower and less active you are the faster it can multiply. You stop moving, it runs rampant.

I've been treated with long courses of both IV and oral antibiotics and found little relief with them. Finding a good quality colloidal silver to kill the bacteria, then helping my brain to get rid of the dead bacteria toxins with the bath treatments continue to be esential for me. A couple of weeks to a month after stopping the baths or eating poorly and even drinking alcohol, my symptoms begin to creep.

If I were to take a stab as to why we get this rash. My guess would be that the body is responding in the same way that it does with pollen/grass or other Allergens- things that don't belong in the body..a histamine response to the bacteria during a specific stage and toxic threshold.

Additionally, it is my belief that chronic lyme disease occurs not in the body but in the brain.
Whether the symptoms are neurological or arthritic. The bacterial have long left the blood and made their way into the brain through the spinal fluid. "Blood Brain Barrier" or not. Once alive in the brain, the toxic material from its life cycle polutes and effects the electrical wiring of the brain.
If a leg is broken, the pain is not truely felt at the injury sight. It is the brain that creates the sensation of pain and points to where it is. Once the brain is poluted with this toxic material, judgement and interpretation is interrupted. In other words, your legs may be fine, but the brain sends fluid to the knee, simulating arthritus. You feel the pain but this is simply a misfire. So sadly, we are not really treating arthritus, or the rash, or pelvic pain, we are simply masking. It is the bacteria tucked delicately in the brain, with its poisioning feces and reproductive capabilites that we are after.

Doctors are trained to diagnose by symptom. Since the symptoms of lyme in my opinion are "ghosts" they lose sight of the real enemy and it's perfect masking techniques. In the case of Lyme, sadly they are right, it's all in our heads. They just can't fathom what that really means.

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