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Thank You for the kind words. If any of this information saves even two people from losing a job or suffering any undue pain, it is worth the time spent writing it.

Since maybe a couple of people are interested, I would like to share some additional opinionated theories.

Doctors do claim that a patient will herx during treatment. With regard to that subject, they are right on target. It is the destruction of the bacteria that result in additional toxic waste introduced to the brain. The antibiotic destroys some bacteria only at a specific stage in it life cycle. This destruction results in many more times the toxic poisoning of the existing and living lyme itself. The medication does destroy, but the bacteria are not so easily eliminated. It does follow its instinct to move along in the brain to manifest to a new location.

As a result, people can expect a change in symptoms. Since the bacteria are forced to migrate to a "safer" hiding place, it resides in another area of the brain. As we all know, different parts of the brain control and send signals to different parts of the body. For a person with symptoms of pelvic pain or fluid in the ears, shortly after treatment, these symptoms commonly change because the bacteria soon inhabit another area of the brain. This results in sudden unexplained new symptoms.

Someone being treated for the first time with years and colonies of bacteria are forced to suffer through toxic saturation. The brain is full of waste product already and once treatment begins, the brain begins to absorb additonal waste from thousands of dying bacteria.

As the bacteria die off, it makes sense to help the body to rid itself from toxic waste. Hot baths, resulting in perspiration can help to a great noticeable degree.

Once a lyme sufferer has decided on a tool to fight lyme, whether it is Colloidal silver or less desirable antibiotic, the key is to flush the waste from the brain. Movement of contaminated fluids from the brain is essential for waste illumination. They must be removed by the body as fast as they are produced to avoid a herx.

A person who has been misdiagnosed for 8 years has a build up of millions of spirochetes. When we choose a treatment to combat them, we do kill a percentage, however the percentage eliminated yields additional toxic waste.

In four weeks of Colloidal silver treatment (500ppm) , I had more progress then 3 months of IV Rosephine and 8 months of doxy combined with no negative side effects.

For a few that may not know, homeostasis is defined as the brains state of normality. When Lyme effects the body the brain is unable to judge true homeostasis.

Since water and fluid distribution seem to be the main effected factor in Lyme infestation, we are capable of developing any possible symptom to the imagination. When the brains ability to manage water distribution properly is compromised by this disease, symptoms like depression, water retention, rashes, insomnia, ear infections, loss of balance, muscle twitching and every other possible symptom can occur. The brain is now incapable of homeostasis. While patients may not show that they are "dehydrated" with a urine sample, the brain very well may be. .

As Lyme sufferers gain the upper hand and reduce bacteria and its waste over time, people will be able to live without Lyme symptoms. Many people who have Lyme don't know it because it takes so long for the bacteria toxins to build up.

Some of my symptoms

Initially extreme sinitus-water in the ears causing imbalance
Extreme Insomnia
Extreme fogginess in sight and mind
Nigh sweats
Word retrieval failure
Eventually the development of a cyst the size of a grape in my left sinus cavity which required surgery to remove.

After my first course of Silver (Herx reaction)
Extreme pelvic pain only while lying flat. Sense of urgency to urinate but nothing in the bladder.
Sinitus any time while lying flat
Muscle twitching.
Eye lid redness/burning of the eyes

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