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Newly diagnosed . I am taking Ceftin 1000mg and had rocephin and bicillin shot while in the office. 2 months of this and now I have C=dif . An infection in my colon. Just wanted to know if anyone had this and how they were treated for Lyme after this infection. I am very scared now! Noone told me of the probotics until the 2nd month. :confused:
My Dr told me only to take the probotics if I had the runs . I had extreme pain,every bone in my body felt like someone was axing them apart. I had fevers of 103 and was sweatng and had the chills. Then the runs started after all of this. I feel better now but even after my couse of antibiotics -i still tested positive for an infection called c-dif.So I'm back on the Flagyl in higher doses.
Hi braazil,
It is my understanding to always take probiotics while on antibiotics and for a while after you stop them. The pain you wrote about in your colon... Is it just before you go to the bathroom/have bowl movement? If so this could also be yeast. Have you been tested for co-infections?

Are you watching your diet? Did your doctor tell you no sugar...?
The pain was always there. My mom is a nurse and she said worst case scenario-it's C-dif . I was shocked to learn I had it. My Dr apologized for not making it clear to take probiotics. He did not tell me about no sugar but I had read that. I was going to the bathroom 40-50 times and then it was just formed clear mucus. :eek:

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