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Hey Peeps,
I also get those jerk reflexes in my arms and legs. So many things happened to me before things got real bad... and I did not pay much attention as I thought it was normal. I was not very in touch with my body back then. I used to ask my mom about these weird things, sensations or weird pains. She would tell me she has it – “it must be normal”. NOT. I knew she had to be infected too when I figured things out many years later... I had symptoms for years (fatigue was the worst) but they were not debilitating. I was still a very active person until 2001.

Many people are diagnosed with fibro. My doctor was one and went many years with this diagnosis. He finally figured out he has lyme because he kept getting lyme patients in his office. This was years ago. Anyway, a light bulb went off in his head (just like many of us) and he thought "gee I wonder if I have lyme". He did, was treated and never relapsed. He feels wonderful. It is very possible you were bit prior and never saw the little sucker. Have you read Dr. Joseph Burrascano's guidelines?

I was just reading something the other day which I have always thought and this is basically what it said. Why are some people sicker than others? Why is it easily cured in some? One aspect is certainly the host's environment (i.e. weakened immunity). However, another possibility is something referred to as "germ load". This means that the body tolerated it first infection OK, with no signs of illness. BUT, then the person is bitten again and because of this germ load which becomes too much to battle, the person becomes very sick.

There was a study done in horses on this. They didn't get sick the first time they infected them, but six months later they infected them again, and boy did they get sick. Many people can have lyme for years with no symptoms. My husband swore he was in perfect health... The only reason he agreed to testing was because I nagged him. One thing that can happen to females is they get sicker around the time of their monthly cycle. Not everyone experiences this but I did/do.

Please do not get discouraged if your internist looks at you like you are a nut case. I have been there and done that. Mine swore that my symptoms were too wide spread for me to possibly have lyme. I knew in my heart/gut I was infected... and the more I read the more convincing it became especially when you read others stories. You know even the nerve problem/pain in my foot that they wanted to operate on is now gone. I never would have thought that was lyme related nor my constant jaw pain (the tooth pain came much later). Lyme is multi-systematic and can cause many things. Every person does not have the exact same symptoms…

Find a good LLMD, make an appointment and keep educating yourself. There is a wealth of info out there. Oh, my mom takes ceftin and biaxin and I think they are 500mg each. No we do not take anti inflammatory meds. I really do not have much swelling anymore. I used to think gout every time my feet swelled and lyme can cause gout. I hope you are feeling better very soon and please keep us posted.

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