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I am confused about several things and was hoping I could get some clarification.

My story is like so many...I had LD for 2 years before being diagnosed. I had many symptoms that would come and go, always dismissing it as flu, injury, etc. I was bitten in the summer of 2002 and didn't get the rash until Jan 2004!!! My dermatologist treated me for ringworm and dermatitis until April 2004. When the rash didn't budge, the subject of tick bite was entertained...much to my horror I remembered the bite from 2 years earlier. Of course I was told it was impossible. How I wish it were true. He tested me for lyme, 2 bands positive, not enough to be considered lyme, take 28 days of doxy, you'll be better. NOT BETTER. I pursued and researched. I was fortunate to find I had a LLMD in my own backyard. I finally got a positive test for Lyme and Babesiosis. I was hopeful. But my hope is fading. (As a side note-A doctor told me to be skeptical of these so called LLMD because their tests seem to come back positive when other docs come back negative. Why would this be? After this experience I am not fond of "modern" medicine as it is. I want to be optimistic that I've finally found a good Dr.)

I have been on antbx for almost 4 months. I was on the doxy for 28 days. I went to Augmentin and Biaxin for 30 days. Then it was Flagyl for a week Zithromax and Minocycline for 3 weeks. I felt really bad the week after taking the flagyl which was the first week on the zith and mino and basically suffered the entire month with a headache. Is this from the meds or is this herxing? Now I am on the flagyl for one week and Plaquenil, Clindamycin, and Zithromax on Mondays, Wed, and Fri. I am awaiting word about IV. Apparently there's a waitlist for PICC lines??!! ?shortage on a hot trendy item?

I have had some symptoms go away-meningitis, the occasional paralysis of my legs. BUT I AM CONFUSED - WHY ARE NEW SYMPTOMS CROPPING UP IF I AM BEING TREATED? I am having a really hard time now with my connective tissue in my shoulders and hips and my thigh muscles feel like they are on fire and disentegrating...WHAT COULD THIS BE?

I am terrified of the IV treatment. From what I have read there are some serious risks. SHOULD I TRY ORALS A BIT LONGER?

I just want to get better and am beginning to wonder if I ever will. I am missing out on my life. I am not able to enjoy my 3-year-old son. My husband thinks I exaggerate this illness, so my marriage is really fragile. I am young but I feel so old.

Can anyone shed some light on this stuff for me? Thanks!
Dear, "whymelymie",
I have found that "conventional" docs say the same kind of thing about LLMD's and IgeneX labs as well. Even the Nat'l Institute of Health told me that, which REALLY made me question our son's treatment. When you have SO many docs outweighing people or docs that really know about Lyme, you start to quetion your own treatment. They had all convinced me at one time that herxing was a joke, so were long term antibiotics, so was babesiosis, so were his 'bizarre' symptoms' etc. You can start to believe it after time and look at the LLMD's like they MUST be quacks. BUT the proof is in the pudding as they say. My son's symptoms came BACK after short term antibiotics, he had all the symptoms of Lyme that so very many others have, everything else was ruled out, IgeneX is a lab specializing in Lyme and tick born illness, Lab Corp and Quest are not, and he got BETTER on antibiotics-- not on ANY symptomatic drug. You must make yourself a graph and chart your symptoms very, very carefully. Journal your foods, other meds, environmental factors, and anything else you might do like work, stress levels, etc. I know it sounds like a lot, but it WILL help. You will begin to see a pattern in your healing--and know when there is a change in your body, why. Don't ever take your meds with supplements or other meds, wait two hrs. Also, watch all sugar and starch as these present the "yeastie beastie" symptoms that are NOT just your typical yeast infection. A lot are like herxing! Everything matters now. This is your life and the hand you were dealt, sad to say. Every fiber of your being has to fight this and a lot is a mental fight. It almost always gets worse before better, but there are things you can do. Take the hydrogen peroxide baths, drink tons of water, cut your sugar, give self permission to rest when needed, graph,chart, journal, and COME HERE for support. You will get well, it just stinks right now. Please hang in there. ----laurie

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