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. I am so sorry you are going though this and the anxiety at night sounds horrible to endure. Bad enough with the pain, but the fear would be the worst. I got an email from a Lyme email place that I cannot remember but they send them like every day, one or two. It was very interesting from a psychiatrist who tested her OCD and panic disorder patients and realized there was something most of them had in common--no history of panic disorder, had a sudden onset and no real issues to uncover but they had LYME disease!! Went on to talk about them getting better with antibiotics long term, and some had to go on an anti depressant for a while. Have you tried Benadryl at night? I know it sounds kinda whimpy with how severe your feelings are, but might help and is recommended by some good Lyme docs for herxing and they think it is fine to take. Has a sedative effect. Are you seeing anyone for your anxiety? There are good LLMD's that are psychiatrists as well--but I do not know one to refer you to. I would tackle that first because you don't want to slip into some worse feelings. Know what you are feeling is normal for a lot of people with Lyme or coinfections--they affect your brain! try your best to talk yourself down and tell yourself it is not real, and you are not crazy. Meditate, pray, whatever works for you. if it's any help at all (which sometimes helps if you know you are not alone) my son has Lyme and babesiosis and is terrified a lot at night to go to sleep. He cannot explain it and never used to be this way before Lyme. Sometimes I have to lay with him or we do deep breathing and yoga type stretching together. We also pray together so he does not feel alone when I get to leave--he knows 'someone' is watching over him in his room. Also helps to know this is from the disease and he's not a baby, like it might help you to know you are not alone or crazy. Eat healthy and low sugar, look into detox solutions and relaxation techniques, and please be careful with pain meds. Even easier to get addicted if you are so anxiety ridden and fearful, because they will take the edge off. But get help soon from a Lyme literate psychiatist as well as LLMD so you can get on the road to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. You will get better and hang in there.

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