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Lyme got stranger
Sep 11, 2004
I just made first visit to infectious disease dr, after receiving positive lyme test. I had five bands positive on the western blot, whatever that means.
She said it is now affecting my thyroid gland, and that will have to be treated. Does not know if this is from lyme. She said she has never seen symptons progress so rapidly in lyme, and she does not like it at all.
My onset began five months ago breaking out in boils, that tested positive for staph, and at least 7 required lancing, and was given a series of five different anitbiotics beginning with doxy. Have not seen this on any sympton list. I have progressed with severe Bells Palsey, and the myriad of other symptons.
Due to irregular heartbeat now, she is going to be agressive, I am only 24. Since I previously had Doxy she started me on the IV rosey on first visit. Is also running her own bloodwork for co-infections and everything else.
I know that an infectious disease dr is not your first recommendation, but she
sure seems quite knowledgeable. She examined me for over 2 hours.

She started an IV in arm with rosey that will stay in and be changed weekly, is this the same as the pic line that some people get? Although it's a nuisance, it sure seemed easier than the chest line that most seem to get. Also a 5 minute proceedure instead of 2 hours under anethesia. Should this be as effective?
I should make sure this is effective before recommending this Dr, but she was extremely thorough, I now have hope. I am so sick, it was escaping me.
By the way, I think all these little smiley, frowny, flying faces people use for icons look like engourged ticks.

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