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Dear Ticker,
I couldn't understand why I hadn't gotten a response from you for my threads on 12/17 & 12/23 but I guess it was my own fault because I'm not always sure how to send threads and I usually attach it at the end of the last one I receive. I finally got a response from ncgirl88 and hopefully now I'm on the right track. Time will tell. You can also read my thread to ncgirl88 dated 1/13 and that should catch me up with you. A lot has happened since my last thread, in fact as soon as I wrote to ncgirl88 I started having chest pains and felt horrible. I went to bed and kept taking deep breaths to reassure myself that it wasn't a heart attack. I did get some relief from Pepto Bismol so I figured it was just major indigestion. When I went to the doctor's 2 days later we decided maybe it was a herx?
They did my bloodwork on Wednesday of that week and on Thursday they called me in a panic and told me to stop the meds (Rocephin IV). My kidney and liver tests were high they said and I needed a week off. The next week when I went in they told me that the doctor would not give me any more of the IV because my liver enzymes had gone from 40 (normal I guess) to 787. I about had a heart attack when they told me. I sure don't want to exchange one problem for an even bigger one. I guess that was the problem a few nights before - not a herx. They paged the doc and he said I'm thru with the IV so they took the picc-line out. Was dreading this but didn't feel a thing. Maybe by next week I can take a real bath! At least one bright thing to happen to me! Anyway they redid the test and it is now down as of Wednesday to 120 and they said it should go back to normal but would shoot up again if I went back on the IV. I trust their judgement. I have an appointment with the doctor on Tuesday to discuss other options. His staff is really on my side and pulling for me thru this whole ordeal. I think that fate stepped in for me that day because I always go in the morning but my husband had to work so we went in the afternoon and the nurse and the pharmacist's boss came to pay them a visit while I was there. She was intrigued with my case and all the screwy things that have happened to me so she sat down at the computer and started pulling up all the info she could get on Lyme. She found numerous case histories and flagged them for the pharmacist to give to the doctor. I told her he didn't like website info and she said he would pay attention to what she pulled up because it was from some website that is basically his "bible" so to speak. In the website they talked about the IV treatment and Doxy and also Biaxin. I knew I had had Biaxin in the past for upper respiratory problems, not my favorite because it gave me a cottonmouth feeling but will do whatever it takes. Have you ever heard of this? It sounded as though people did the IV for as long as they could and then went to the Doxy. Does this sound right to you? I have been off all meds for 10 days now and hopefully he will put me on an oral come Tuesday. I feel as though I have taken a step backward by being off meds for 10 days? What do you think? I have to tell you that last night I was having a terrible time. This is definitely what I would think a herx would be like but maybe not. Starting at about midnight I was up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours with major diarrhea. I never once got to the bathroom on time and this went on until about 11:00 AM this morning. I am absolutely exhausted!
I can barely put one foot in front of the other and just hope I am well enough to go to the doctor's on Tuesday. I have never had diarrhea like this before. Don't know where it all came from because I hadn't eaten even 1/4 of what came out of me. It got to be slimy and a lot of mucous after a couple of trips and smelled worse than anything I have ever dealt with before. I apologize for the graphic detail but maybe it will help you to figure out what was going on. I know there are numerous possibilities: a herx but I have been off the drugs for 10 days so could it be a herx, the buildup in my liver, but why would it take 10 days to expel itself (and the buildup in my liver - was this just the meds or was it some of the Lyme leaving me too. I never did get a good answer about why the liver elevated that way. I wish I had known about milk thistle before I started all of this. Or am I just reacting to being off the meds? Maybe it was just a good old cleansing but one I've never experienced before. What's your best "guess"? Last but not least what do you think about continuing the treatment with the orals? I'll definitely be taking the milk thistle on top of the acidophilus. Don't want any more problems. I guess they will still monitor the bloodwork but probably not as much as with the IV (weekly). It should be cheaper too! I'm just hoping that the IV gave it the old one two punch and the Doxy will knock it out! Can the Doxy actually get rid of it and I guess your guess is as good as mine in length of treatment.
If you think last night was a herx then maybe I'm on my way. Hopefully you or somebody else out there has had what happened to me. I just hope the two weeks off hasn't set me back! I also hope the doctor is agreeable to continuing with some kind of oral meds. I do have to say that last night did not include an upset stomach just the horrible weakness on top of the other problem and a major problem with equilibrium. The weakness and equilibrium seem to have started to go back to bad since about 4 days after I came off the meds. Hopefully I'm not regressing. I'm not sure my husband will ever get me to hike again! Although I have heard that you become immune to Lyme after a bout like mine. Have you ever heard this. Not sure I will hunt for a tick to find out! Anyway that's about all for now I will keep you posted and again I thank ncgirl88 and I hope I have finally learned how to post a new thread. If anybody reading this sees that Ticker doesn't respond take pity on me and tell her where to find it! You probably cringe when you see a thread from me because it is always a novel, I guess that's my life but maybe somebody else will get some questions answered with all my queries too. I hope so! Thanks again. By the way good news - my son got back from Baghdad last Sunday and hopes to get home within the next couple of weeks. Can't wait to see him! Just glad he's out of there before the elections.

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