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Hi all. Most of you reg. posters know about my son Mark. I wanted to ask if you had ever experienced the same thing that's been going on w/ him. He seems to herx at 3 weeks, and this is not that time. On Sat. morning he jumped off a 4 ft wall when I wasnt looking. He came to me with tears and was in pain, said he felt like he really hurt his back. We stretched it out and it seemed to get better, but soon after was in so much pain it hurt to breathe. Had pain mostly on impact with his feet touching ground hard. (jumping, hard walking etc.) I took him to urgent care place and they said he sprained his back and do the ice, heat, ibuprofen, rest thing. We did, but even today it's not that much better. Called his doc and he told me to feel the vertabrae when leaning back, each individually. To see if there was more pain in one. there was, but real hard to tell w/ an 8 yr old. the pain was in btw shoulder blades and it seems to hurt everyone there. So I called back and told him and he asked somemore questions and said he thinks it sounds like spondylitis. Wants to see him first thing tomorrow so I am going. thing is, tonight he developed a rash on his sides, very itchy small bumps. He also has a very swollen, red bump inside lower eyelid. I looked up spondylitis on their info site and it sure seems to fit his symptoms a lot of the time, especially now. I am really freaked out, can Lyme cause this disorder or am I just confusing symptoms? Have any of you had the spine pain thing? With the eyes? Please post if you have any ideas. Will let you know what doc says too. ---Laurie

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