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Hi all. Can I get the name of that great pediatrician that treats kids I think in CT? I think I want Mark's doc to consult with him about how much meds he is on. Think it should probably be more, but not sure b/c of his age/size. Most people here are on more but that doesn't tell me much b/c you are all grown. He has been on Rocephin IM injections, Ceftin, Zithromax in past, and now on Minocycline 100mg/day long term. It doesn't sound like a lot but I know different meds can be different mg's. He does herx every three weeks, and then gets better but this arthritis type flair was unexpected. Had rash last night before peroxide bath and it went right away after that. Very itchy. Also had inflammed eyes, but better today. Doc has decided after today to stay the course, and the more I think about it---I keep questioning if this great doc in CT would agree with the med and the dose. Does he do that? Consult with other docs? Does he charge for that, or can I just ask my doc and give him the number? I have not asked any doc this before, so I do not really know what is the right thing to say. I usually just get mad and find a new doc, but this one actually put him on long term antibiotics so I was just SO thankful. Now I am questioning. Is this just like a worried mom! More than anything I just want to know he is getting the right care for the best possible life!! It seems I will never have an iron clad guarantee of " the absolute best" treatment until he is completely cured. This is the hardest thing I have ever done!!---Sorry for the vent. ---Laurie

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