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Hello, I found this board today while searching for diet advice for the Lymes patient and I am so happy-read thru most of the posts and am comforted that I'm not alone in this.

My history: I took a deer tick out of the back of my left knee on Oct 30, 2003. I'm a returning adult college student and I was working in the Nursing Dept at the time, so a couple of the instructors insisted I see my family dr. The next day, he looked at the bite and then got out a book and showed me pix of the bulls eye rash and told me if it showed up to call immediately, but that he thought I was over reacting and sent me home. From the moment I felt the tick in my leg, the bite site was painful! The night of Nov 14, the back of my leg started itching and my husband told me it looked like a bulls eye rash was forming. Called the dr early in the am and went to see him. His comment, I was hoping for a much more classic rash. He put me on 200 mg Doxy for 3 weeks. Early the next day, we left for a weekend bus trip sponcered by the college-again many of the Instructers for the Nursing Dept were along. By this time, my rash had blistered in the center, was swollen and I could hardly walk-not the best situation for walking around NYC! I put a cold water bottle on my leg for about half the trip and was able to hike around the city, but was exhausted when we got to our hotel room. My symptoms were much like everyone else's here-headache, joint pain, short term memory loss, and I seemed to get better until the 3rd week of the Doxy when I must have started Herxing. Went back to the dr who ordered blood titers, and with the results in hand told me, basically it was all my imagination. Then on Dec 1 on my way home from school, I t-boned a 1999 Chevy Tahoe that did an illegal U turn directly in front of me at 55 mph. Totaled the Tahoe and my Voyager van too and both my knees were injured when the dash shattered, 6 stitches in the right and bruises, contusions and swelling in the left as well as horrible wracking pain in my back and neck. The ER staff kept asking me questions thought I was in shock as I had no short term memory. I kept telling them I had Lymes Disease. As a result of this I talked the dr into another week of antibiotic (which he said I didn't need that standard treatment was 3-4 wks). He did NO followup of any type telling me that I should be "cured". The stress was unbelievable, I missed the last 2 weeks of classes and most of my finals. When the next semester started I was carrying 15 credits, a work study job and tutoring. That semseter was pure hell. My advisor's daughter had also had Lymes so he was very sympathic and he was also my instructor for a couple classes. I began to do research on the web and kept him informed of what I found. I told all my profs about my condition and they were most understanding, but I found the short term memory loss to be the worst symptom. Also, my typing suffered as all the letter would be there, just not in the proper order. I managed to graduate with my Associates in MIS and a GPA of 3.4. ( The advisor told me that my previous GPA was high enough that I could earn all D's and still graduate).

I still needed 2 classes to complete the degree, and I signed up for them during the summer plus an additional one as I'm going into Elementary Education and continuing on. One class was canceled, the ed class was easy (long term memory) and the other was Statistics. What was I thinking -10 classes in 5 weeks? I understood and did well in class and on the homework but in my tests I reversed things (dyslexia). But all I needed was a D and I managed to earn that. At the same time I was counciling at Church camp and commuteing in for the classes for 2 wks. Around this time rashes started appearing, weekly diahreah and several times while driving I would not recognize my surroundings. Pretty scary stuff.

While talking to one of my aunts, I was reminded that 2 of my cousins had Lymes and went to a great LLD in NJ. Both are symptom free. I got her phone number and finally had an appointment in September. She saw me for 2 hrs and we were so impressed! She understood my symptoms and even brought some to my attention that I didn't realize were related to the Lymes (like hic ups). I am on Biaxin 500 mg and I take 2 tablets plus acidolphis and have an appt Oct 20something to see her again. She ordered lab work so I'm guessing she's testing for coinfections. I 've been on the meds 3wks and feel better however I seem to have hot flashes all the time ( I remember this happening on my first course of Doyx too.) as well as night sweats. At first I thougt is was hot flashes as I've been tapering off of my hrt on the dr advice, but after reading this board, I'm starting to think its Lyme related. Could this be a sign of Herxing?

I know this is long but I have one more thing to mention and want some advice too. I also have low blood pressure and low blood sugar (always had these) and the dr has me on no sugar and no yeast diet. Last Sunday my back was hurting, I took some pain med and a nap, to cut to the chase, I blacked out twice, falling both times hitting my hip and head. The whole right side of my face from my jaw to hairline and ear hurts, especially when I chew. Went to the chirop. the next day and he said everything was out of wack but seems to be better now. What should I eat so this doesn't happen again? I had eaten a good lunch, but apparently not the correct things.

BTW, I'm only carrying 12 credits this semester -dropped a math class as I just knew I couldn't cope with it and am commuting 72 miles three days a week ( I can't get these classes at my branch campus) and am 2 days at the branch. Not working, but am tutoring.

Oh yes, I had two people come up to me and say they wondered what was wrong with me as I sure don't look sick. That was a BIG help.

Sorry I wrote a book, but the sharing is pretty theraputic.

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