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To Raliegh86
Sep 30, 2004
[COLOR=Black]Hi Raliegh86. I am copying my response to you from the other board and the one regarding the doctor in NC to make sure you see it: [/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen]Hi raleigh86. I suggest getting copies of your test results. Many people are bitten by ticks without realizing it. They are very small and they inject a numbing agent so you cannot feel them on you. Your doctor was correct--there is no completely reliable test. Many people who have Lyme test negative. Because it can be difficult to diagnose, people often see several doctors for various symptoms.

What dose of Doxy are you taking? A few tips when on Doxy. Do not take any iron, magnesium, or dairy products within two hours of the Doxy or it will not be absorbed properly. Avoid the sun as much as possible. You can get a severe burn in a short time even when wearing sunscreen. Do not lay down for an hour after taking it or you can ulcerate your esophagus. This happened to me and it is very painful. This should all be listed on the pharmacy print-out sheet. Whenever you are taking antibiotics, make sure you take acidophilus, to prevent yeast overgrowth. The best kind to get are the ones that are refrigerated. Wait at least two hours before or after taking the Doxy to take the acidophilus.

There is no specialty for Lyme doctors. Many are internal medicine doctors. Lyme needs aggressive treatment and you definitely need to be treated for longer than three weeks and get tested for all the co-infections by a Lyme reputable lab such as IgeneX in Palo Alto, CA.

Hang in there okay?[/COLOR]_________________________________________________________________

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Hi Raleigh86. The Lyme doctor in Huntersville is Dr. Joseph Jemsek. He comes very highly recommended.

There is no specialty for Lyme. I believe many Lyme doctors are internal medicine doctors. Although there can be exceptions, infectious disease doctors are often not the best to see regarding Lyme.

Please keep me posted on how you are doing okay?[/COLOR]

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