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hi there, i am so sorry you are so sick. what antibiotics have you taken over the last year? when was the last time you took antibiotics? reason i ask is you normally should wait 3 months after taking antibiotics before being tested for lyme. if you were on anti's recently, it could give you a negative test.
western blot tests usually come back in 3 to 10 days, depends on what lab they send it to and how bust they are.
i know what you mean about the anxiety attacks, i had lyme for 6 years and fought with my dr about it. i knew i had it, he wouldn't test me for it. so my panic attacks came alot.
for lyme, they usually treat you with doxycycline antibiotics. i hope you can get in to see the LLMD. you really need a good dr for this.
if my (new) dr suspects lyme at all, he draws the blood for the test, but puts you on anti's right away. he saved me from my life of hell.
good luck and i hope you get treated real soon. just keep in mind, if you do have lyme you will feel better within a month, but then you will start to feel sick again for a while as the antibiotics start to kill off the infection. then you will feel better again. trust me, you will get better in time, but it does take a long time. i was on antibiotics for one year.

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