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Hey everyone, sorry to barge in like this, I'll keep it as short as I can.

Basically, I saw an infectious disease specialist yesterday and this Tuesday she wants to start me on IV antibiotics for Lyme Disease.

This is after two years of seeing numerous doctors and neurologists, numerous tests, misdiagnoses and just generally feeling sick for those two years. The ID said that it's entirely possible to get infected/bitten by a tick and not even know it or show symptoms for years...anyway...

Onset of symptoms:
Dec 2002

- Headaches (not in the traditional sense, more like pressure, like I need to let air out of my head) starting at the back of the head, radiating to the front, around the eye, varying in intensity but always present
- Dizziness
- Stiff neck, back
- Mild chest discomforts
- Muscle twitching
- Sickly feeling
- Constant tender throat
- Sleeping problems
- Fatigue
- Heart palpitations (feeling my heart beat in my chest)

Sleep study
2 MRIs (negative)
Brain SPECT (negative)
Spinal tap (negative)
2 EEGs (slightly abnormal, normal)
Various blood workups, all ok
2 ELIZAs, both partially positive
Western blot, negative

Occipital Neuralgia

Treatments (none of which have worked):
Physical Therapy
Trigger injections

Drugs prescribed:
(I'm probably forgetting some)

Anyway, the ID specialist said that one partially positive ELIZA result would be dismissable but since it happened again on a different test, it's probable that I have Lyme and it would be good for me to go ahead with the four week IV antibiotic treatment.

As you can see, I'm skeptical of the diagnosis because of the history of misdiagnoses that I've had. But at this point, I'm willing to try ANYTHING.

Anyone have any thoughts/ideas/comments?

Thanks in advance!

BTW, I am 32, male.

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