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I have found out a lot in the last couple days about Lyme disease and hope that is not what I have. I live in NJ with partially wooded property and also have gone on runs in heavily wooded areas in the past couple weeks.

I called the doctor because of a lump that suddenly developed Oct. 1st in the back of my neck (lymph node)? A few inches below about a 3" area was tender to the touch. About an inch to the right of that was what I thought was left of a pimple (I couldn't see what I picked at). I looked in the mirror and it was hard to see, but the area looked red. I figured I had an infection from a pimple which caused the lymph node to appear in my neck. The lump in my neck went down. I was going to cancel the dr. appt. Then Oct. 2nd evening I felt a little under the weather and went to bed. I woke up with a bad headache Sunday. By evening I had a 102.4 fever. I don't remember ever having a fever that high. I went to bed with a headache, the chills. I couldn't keep warm, but I was sweating so profusely, my t-shirt was soaked and the comforter was soaked. I woke up with the headache-behind my head and my eyes.

Went to the dr. Oct. 4th. Told him about the body aches (hips). The pain moves around. I felt a bit in my toes, my right knee. He drew blood to test for lyme disease and gave me an antibiotic (biaxin) for possible sinus infection because of the headaches. I don't think I had a sinus infection because I'm not draining or coughing anything from my lungs. Also my back has been hurting the entire time from the middle to lower part. Today was the first day I didn't wake up with a headache or a fever. 98.8 (warm for me I usually run 97.3 with oral thermometer). I did wake up soaked again from sweating. I can feel the sweat still pouring out of me. The joint pain is gone, but the back pain is maddening. It is aching, but feels like I've been working out. It is fatigued. At times it felt like the discs were moving and sometimes a shooting pain. I haven't had any vomiting, no sniffles, but have lost 5lbs.

Today I continue to have the chills, sweating, back aches and I have soreness under my right arm as if I'd been lifting weights.

This could be the flu, but from all that I have read it sounds like it is hard to get lyme disease diagnosed. My question is if my test results are negative lyme disease can't necessarily be ruled out. How would I know for sure that I don't have lyme disease. Do the symptoms go away and come back when you have lyme disease? Thanks for any input you may have.


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