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:bouncing: Hi, I am new to these boards I am quite confused about what is going on with me. I am sicker every day. I have been to a Rheumatologist who says possible Lupus. I have been to a neurologist for my severe headaches. I have been to a ENT for vertigo. I have had spinal taps, blood work, Mris, Cat scans, I have been in the ER twice with severe vertigo and headaches. They thought I had Meningitis. Just to let you know that my Neuro and primary Dr both suggested Lymes but it was negative in the blood twice and in the spinal tap once so it was dropped and they looked elsewhere. Everthing is coming up negative. Now , my primary Dr wants me to get a more detailed Lyme test done. I am sicker every day. I sterted with vertigo, then headaches and low grade fever , joint and muscle pain of course came next and extreme fatigue. Over last weekend I developed some sores in my mouth and on my tongue and have a slight upper respiratory infection, not enough to go on antibiotics but I know its there. Started with sore throat, sore glands in my neck and my chest hurts when I take a deep breath. These symptoms can be Lupus or Lyme disease. I see infectious disease Dr on Friday for a full Lyme workup just to rule that out completely. The headaches have also been bad in the back of my head. This is not your normal headache its like pressure in my head that starts in the back of my head and radiates up and behind my eyes . I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my head and my whole head feels hot when this happens. :eek My Neurologist gave me Pamelor for the headaches which helped somewhat in the beginning but I feel the headaches coming back. I see him again the end of October. I also see a cardiologist for palpitations and he put me on atenolol. But let me just tell you over the past few days I have had elevated blood pressure 130/90 which mine is never high even being on atenolol, a fever of 99-100 which I have had all along but just feel it more now, pulse rate of 100 or higher and my face is flushed oh and nausea that just started. I seem to be getting new symptoms every day. I was on Pred for a few weeks but gave me side effects so I came off of it. I am on no meds now for these symptoms. Oh and the worst part is I feel like I am losing my mind, :bouncing: I am so fogged and confused about everything and MAJOR mood swings. I feel like a different person. I went totally phychotic on my husband this past weekend, he just looked at me in shock. I am moody at work and cry all the time. Depression is a major factor in my illness. I have seen so many Drs but have not gotten a definate diagnosis. I feel like I have gotten no where. I have been sick since July after returning from a family vacation to Florida. Could all this be linked to Lyme??? This is a mystery. I know I am sick but every time I see a Dr and things are normal, maybe they think I am crazy. Please I am in desparate need of advise. I need answers soon. Maybe the infectious disease Dr. will have some answers . I would feel more comfortable if a Dr was monitoring me more closely. Thanks for all the advice in advance. Kim in NJ :eek:

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