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I find the whole thyroid thing very interesting. I was previously diagnosed with thyroid disease. Initially it was hypothyroid along with anti-thyroid antibodies (Hashimoto's Disease) and then about a year later I had a hyper thyroid with anti-thyroid antibodies (Graves' Disease). I had the radioactive iodine treatment to kill my thyroid and now take synthroid daily. My thyroid hormone levels are constantly checked now to make sure dosage is right and so they are sure that my thyroid is not the problem now. I find this interesting because I have read some articles saying that the lyme disease bacteria (spiroketes) does like the thyroid and I was thinking that an infected thyroid may be what causes the autoimmune response of our bodies producing antibodies to the thyroid itself. With Graves' Disease it's the antibodies that cause the thyroid to become hyper...I'm not sure about Hashimoto's disease. I wonder if anyone is doing research on the possible thyroid connection. Of course I'd rather they did the research on efficient diagnosis and effective treatment of lyme disease first.

I hope your doctor figures it out for you soon. Did your doctor test you for anti-thyroid antibodies? I have to admit to having a hard time getting diagnosed by a GP for thyroid problems so I finally just went straight to an endocrinologist.

Good Luck!


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