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Hello All -

Well I have been posting here since August, sick since May. It has been one frustrating, enlightening, painful, exasperating, growth period for me. However I think I may have an answer. I will have a better idea on Monday.

I am still waiting on my test results from Dr. J's in Huntersville. I am seeing my neurologist on Monday for some blood tests he ordered for hormone levels, thyroid antibodies, DHEA, and other stuff. Of course I figured out he was suspecting thyroid by looking at the test order...but I thought good grief I have had my thyroid TSH and T3 and T4 tests twice recently and they appeared fine.

I started to losing a lot of hair this week and experiencing more frequent heart palpitations...I thought well now the lyme or the epstein barr virus are attacking my thyroid. I was feeling pretty low until I came across some blood work I had drawn back in 1999....GUESS WHAT?!?!? While my TSH had been fine my T3 and T4 levels were 2.5 points above what they should have been. Apparently back then doctors would assume if the TSH was normal than the T3 and T4 levels were just anomolies and to be ignored...well these days we now better...SO for me this was such an important piece of knowledge because it gives me a better feel that maybe I have been dealing with this a lot longer than just May when I had the majority of my most recent tick exposures and that our move in March may have precipitated the stress necessary to really tip my thyroid over the edge. I have thyroid disease on both sides of my family.

I never realized how inaccurate thyroid testing really is. There are so many factors involved especially when it comes to testing woman since estrogen produces a protein that actually binds to thyroid hormone and so can throw off test results.

I didn't realize that autoimmune disease goes hand in hand with thyroid issues and that the slight itchy chiggerlike rash could very well be a reaction to food since frequently with Hashimoto Syndrome you develop food allergies and rashes are not unusual.

So Monday will be telling. The doxy reaction I had could very well be due to the bacterial overgrowth that I tested positive for in my stomach.

So I think the pieces are starting to fall into place now. I am still waiting on that Lyme test because I don't think it is at all impossible that I have lyme or a coinfection since I have been in heavily tick infested areas. As well, thyroid issues sometimes go along with the tick borne stuff so better safe then sorry.

Anyway, that is my update. I hope you all are having a great weekend!


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