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Hey everyone, started my IV antibiotic treatment with rocephin today.

The nurse couldn't get the midline catheter into one of my viens after two very painful and bloody attempts and put in a temporary line close to my wrist. Have to go to the hospital for a PICC line or whatever it's called.

Sounds like fun.

Anyway, no adverse effects other than my throat is very tender. Not closing up or anything, just tender. A noticeable difference from before the rocephin. Is this normal?

Also, the nurse said that it was okay to continue taking klonopin which was prescribed to help me with the sleeping problems I am having. This is okay right?

One other thing, and this is the last one I promise, she also said that it's okay to have a beer or two per day but never any more than that.

I always thought that you couldn't drink alcohol on antibiotics, anyone have any info on this?

Thanks in advance and down with Lyme!

Tom in CT

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