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still on antibiotics 500mg amox 3 times day (should i increase to 4?) noticing new symptoms that make me doubt what i have is lymes...
under my tongue on floor of mouth i noticed a ton of dark red lines with with redness around them , looks like some kind of infection because they werent there before. my gums on the bottem have red patches and you can see my teeth through the front gums =/ i take good care of my teeth so this is weird.. my mouth doesnt ever hurt but my jaw muscles are sore sometimes..i get these really warm sensations where my heart is, kinda scary when it happens because i feel like im going to pass out.. Also have a lot of pain behind my ribs ..once in awhile i get really bad pains in my chest to where i cant breathe for like 10 second sbecause it hurts to do that.. i get muscle twitches really bad all over..sometimes 3-4 muscles twitching at a time.. really annoying..
maybe 1 -2 times a day i get pain in my fingertips or they feel tingly.. my eyes get irritated all the time for no reason and i get big blotches of red on them (never happened b4 i got sick). what seems to be my lymph nodes under my arms are very sore and hurt, swollen sometimes also get really sharp pains there maybe 10-20 times a day.. but that comes and goes.. im constantly dripping sweat under my arms when the pain is there. i cant bendover very far without having weird pain feels like its behind my shoulderblade.. neck is sore a lot.. i have sharp pains around where my bladder is a couple times a day, also have pain in other areas on stomache have no insurance so cant see the doctor, all i care about is finding out what i have and seeing if i can treat it. well theres my update.. thanks

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