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Hello, i'm 17 and i've been having some problems for a month or so.. wondering if its neurologic... or something like that..
I've been on a couple of message boards.. and have gotten a couple responses.. one guy told me i might have lyme disease, another said Thyroid problems...

[B]1.Lots of muscle twitching in Arms, legs, hands, neck, face,back [/B]
Maybe 10-30 times a day, lasts anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes.. mostly in certain places.. on my back behind my left shoulderblade, in my arms.
[B]2.Horrible pain/tenderness/irritation/tingling feeling mostly in my left shoulder, but also down my left arm and a lot of irritation and tenderness on top left side of my chest above heart (or so it seems) and a little numbness in that area.[/B] Sometimes its not as bad.. sometimes it gets worse than it has ever been.. i'm pretty sure its been progressing..I also think im starting to get it down the left side of my ribs and a little below my ribcage on left side..
[B]3. Exhausted after little excersize and very sleepy all the time even if i have gotten a lot of sleep.[/B] After excersizing i get a feeling when i breathe, like my lungs are dried out (even though they probably arent, its just what it feels like), my stumache muscles get a weak feeling as well. I also feel like my abdomen is bloated (or filled up with air) a lot..
[B]4.When I wake up in the mornings my lower left and lower right back hurt (sore feeling) where the kidneys are.. also, i can't sit in one position too long without my back hurting, i have to slump over a lot to lower the sore feeling.. [/B] I drink a lot of water and eat lots of fruit.. so my kidneys should be okay, and when i went to the doctor for a checkup he did a urine test and there werent any infections or anything.
[B]5.My ears pop all the time maybe 20 times a day like ive been going over mountains in a car or in an airplane at high altitude..[/B] I also hear a low ringing in my ears when its quiet , but i can ignore it when im watching TV or doing something that interests me. After they pop it seems like the slightest sounds make me cringe.. like i can hear really good and my ears are tender..
[B]6.I've got a tender/fuzzy/tingling feeling that runs up from my left shoulder to my neck up behind my left ear and all over the left side of my scalp.. [/B] If i wiggle my ears i can feel the affected area a lot better (probably sounds wierd) Also everytime i take a shower i notice that theres an extra-ordinary amount of hairloss, maybe 100+ strings of hair fallen out
[B]7. My hands are always really sweaty, feet always cold also a little sweaty..[/B]
[B]8. Sometimes I'm disoriented a little bit.. and what feels like the left side of my brain feels tender/tingley ..[/B]
I went to the doctor a couple weaks ago,did bloodtests he checked my electrolites, checked for infections, check my urine for infections and did a drugscreen that came up clean.. he scheduled a cat scan of my chest everything was normal... thats all he did and he said i was fine and tried to put me on Zyprexa he told me it was for anxiety (look this crap up, that Really ticked me off, made my dad mad too ..its for heavy mental disorders, not anxiety) I do have anxiety, but its only because ive been worrying about whats wrong with me.. So Im getting a new doctor.

I dont even go over to my friends house anymore because i feel so bad

I think ive listed all my symptoms but when i look back over them i usually miss one.. I feel like my problems are getting worse so i decided to start looking on the internet for forums like these where i might be able to get some help.

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