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Stopping Rocephin
Oct 15, 2004
Went to doctors yesterday after two months on rocephin i.v. Doctor says that is all I need and will continue me on doxycyline oral antiobiotics for two months. Hope this works!

After two months of treatment I would say I am about 70 percent better. The lyme was in my knees. I had three knee surgeries before they found it was lyme so doctor says alot of stiffness and pain I have left is result of all the surgeries. I am so happy to be this much better but worry that if it is not just the result of operations that I didnt get l00% better and maybe there is still some lyme left. It never showed up in my blood so testing would not be helpful.

Also wondering if I should get the flu shot. Their is a shortage in Maryland and might not be able to get it anyway. Doctor said if I can find it should have it - but wondering if a good idea after all of these antiobiotics?

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