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Dear Heather,

Thanks for asking! My doctor is doctor Crist too! I am glad too and I can't wait to see him in four more weeks!
I was bitten the same day as my son while walking through the woods, looking at some land we were thinking about buying. It was actually a blessing that I got the EM rash and got sick because I love to research and study everything. If I had not come down with this horrible stuff, I never would have know that Joshua was sick. He never got an EM rash.
As for me, well...I thought I was all better after moving back to KS. I should have went back to see Dr. Crist, because he had originally wanted me to stay on a course of antibiotics until we addressed everything possible. (I could take a whole lot while pregnant and breastfeeding.) I had a lot of unexplained symptoms over the past several months and then one day the pains came back like a train hitting me. I have Babesia and now have Lyme toxins in my brain. I just went to the ER tonight because I was having a lot of pain in my kidney and lower back region and bladder...and I wasn't getting much of anything out...and still am not! They did a CT scan, and all sorts of tests...and found absolutely nothing. Can you believe that! The pain is real and it is there, but why? I know it is the Lyme, but is it the spirochetes dying in that area...causing a herx, or is it the Lyme toxins in my brain tricking my body, sending messages? I can't wait to ask the doctor! I was afraid that we'd get to the hospital and that they'd find nothing and that is exactly what happened. The doctors look at you like you're a hypochondriac or nut I'm sure the bill will be a big one! My hubby said it's better to spend the money and know that I'm not dying. How do you know when to pass things off as just being the Lyme...and when the Lyme is really destroying your organs to the point of them malfunctioning? It hurts so bad right now that I feel like I'm going to die and it's still hard to urinate. They found nothing wrong with me! I'm going to come off of my antibiotics for a few days to see if it's a herx.
Oh, Dr. wants to address the Lyme toxins in my brain first and then start working on the babesia. I have so many strange things going on..and sometimes when my head feels extremely toxic I have horrible headaches and mood swings that make me act psycho! It's like I'll be fine one minute...and the next I've flipped my lid! I don't like this at all!
Well, I had better go! I'm glad that the Lyme has not destroyed my kidneys, but that doesn't make the pain go away!

:) Jamie

P.S. The nurse who came in to take the needle out of my arm was coming at me without her gloves on. I said, "Please put your gloves on because my blood's not safe and you don't want this!" She was very tired, I guess!

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