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I've posted on the brain/nervous disorder forum, the drug recovery forum, and now this one, searching for what could possibly be wrong with me. I know it's long, but I need some insight.. please?

This is what made me post here: I noticed another person in this forum wrote that medications/drugs affected them in strange ways after contracting "possible" Lyme disease. This is one of the main symptoms in my "undiagnosable condition." I get this fullness in my head all the time now, esp. when I take any drug. Mostly any medication I use now, including my daily SSRI, works unpredictably. What usually happens is the "noticeable" action of the drug lasts for up to 2 hours at most, and then strange things happen, like shortness of breath or aggravation.

I know for a FACT that, ever since I contracted all these symptoms, medications that worked BEFORE this "condition" now produce very different--mostly bad--reactions. The last time I was bitten by a tick was 3 years ago, and it was properly taken care of. Since then, I don't know if I was bitten by anything or not--its conceivable I was but didn't know it. Either way, I'm not much of an outdoors person. But these symptoms keep getting worse.

I'm going to attach part of the post I wrote of my symptoms in another health forum:

I'm 23 years old, and have been in good physical health for most of my life (no weight problems or other known physical handicaps whatsoever.) Being a former asthmatic (now I'm fine), I do have a severe intolerance to aspirin/ibuprofen based drugs.

The symptoms I currently deal with every day without fail:
- I constantly feel intense pressure all over my head, *especially* on the upper left side, but also on the right and elsewhere. This has worsened rather than improved with time; now I feel as if something could burst inside my head, or as if someone is applying heavy force to my skull
-The pressure is interspersed with "crackling" sounds, especially when I swallow anything, and I occasionally feel short-lived sharp pains in various places around my head
-My veins, such as on my arm, frequently look bulging or more pronounced than usual--and my skin looks "dirtier" than usual (odd huh)
-I often have a feeling of pressure or tightness in the chest area, sometimes I get sharp pains there as well, which scares the hell out of me.
-I occasionally have shortness of breath, although this correlates directly with how "pressured" or painful my chest feels, especially if there is pressure in the middle of my chest
-I have feelings of "movement" in the head area, as well as in my chest, as if blood vessels are strained; followed by feelings of pressure or pain.
-My sleep patterns are disrupted; sometimes I can't sleep at all, other times I can fall asleep easily
-If I lie down on the left or right side of my head, the corresponding pressure in that area of my head becomes displaced, and increases the pressure on the other side of my head.
-I sometimes get whole body tremors, especially when the pressure is really bad.
-After eating or drinking anything, the tightness in my head and chest usually increases.
-No drugs work properly anymore, a huge problem because I can't afford to have an antidepressant work improperly--I tried to get off Paxil but got into a bout of serious depression and mood swings. Now, I can't be sure what the drug does anymore.
-My body temperature frequently seems higher than usual, and I sometimes have trouble telling what the temperature is in a room, etc.
-Because of all this crap, I can't focus on anything, I get bored easily, and I am very unmotivated, more depressed than usual.
-I also have digestive/gastrointestinal disturbances, such as elevated constipation, and a lesser appetite than usual. Urinary patterns are also different than usual.

Is it very easy for someone to get Lyme disease and not even know it?

I do know that any medications or drugs, including caffeine or alcohol, make my symptoms worse. I never used to have a problem with ANY drug, until I got addicted to prescription amphetamines. I don't know if my former addiction is the cause of this or not (I was addicted for 6-7 months), but even staying off of the problem substance completely, the symptoms are not going away.

I guess you can see that I have NO idea what is wrong with me. But it would help if someone here who has Lyme disease has had symptoms very similar to what I've listed, or if you could suggest another possible health problem.

I would REALLY appreciate all the responses I get, I'm at my wits end, and the condition is NOT improving at all. I'm sitting here now with intense pressure in my head, shortness of breath, and pressure in my chest. This should not be happening.

Thanks a lot.. I need some replies.. please?
Hey Bill -

Yes, it is possible to go years without pronounced symptoms...while titers are hard to read with lyme as far as staging the disease, in my case there are no IgM readings (characteristic of a new infection) mine are all IgG. Of course, one of my physicians told me that he has seen people that seem to have been dealing with lyme symptoms for 10 years but because their bodies are in overdrive trying to fight the bacteria there are IgM antibodies present.

I am almost sure I have been fighting this since last summer if not earlier. I went to Nantucket (highest incidence of Babesiosis in the country) last August for vacation. We were staying out in the boonies. I never found a tick on me, or a rash...probably already mentioned that. I started having backache in the morning for months...I mean really bad. Couldn't turn over in bed upon first waking without a ton of pain. My husband had hit a pretty big bump while I was riding on his motorcycle with him on the sandy roads...I thought well I must have hurt my back.

Then I had a professional massage in December and came back home...broke out in a sweat, I mean sweat, and chills - and adrenaline rush.

Then we moved. My dog got really sick and this was stressful for me - as well as some emotional stress re: family I had it from every direction. Two months later all the other symptoms started. So, yes, I think it can hide out in your body and your body can fight it for awhile.

Hope you find a doctor soon. Better days ahead hopefully.


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