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I am new to this list and am unfamiliar with the list protocol, so please forgive me if my post seems disjointed . Funny, since that's how my life is most of the time anyway.

My history is extensive, but I have yet to find a doctor that has EVER treated my lyme aggressively.

And now, years later, when I have another positive titer (IgG or is it IgM? I can't remember which one is the short term one) anyway, I find new information that the original "allergic reaction" they think I had to Doxy was most likely Herx. That really shook my confidence in the docotor's office.

I am at a loss to locating a physician, neurologist or anyone who knows wants to treat this aggressively.

I also have just been told I have a positive ANA as well as Rh. But the Lupus specialist doesn't think I have Lupus, in fact, she pretty much wasn't concerned at all, and had no answers.She did, however, draw 7 red top tubes for further testing, and told me to wait 2 weeks for the results.

I did some research, and was concerned about MS, but after reading more about chronic Lyme, decided to jump in here with you folks.

Oh, and yes, I have been labeled with CFS after the initial Lyme's treatment was concluded, and I felt wonderful until 2 months later. that's when I saw a CDC specialist, whom decided I had been treated properly, and was most likey suffering from CFS. Sleeping with meds (elavil) and ear plugs made a big improvement, until a few months ago.

My current "issues" are fatigue, unilateral muscle soreness and swelling, blurred vision off and on in my right eye, tingling in my extremities, and serious memory loss. I have NEVER had much joint involvemenet, except when i was completely immobilized by pain in my spine during the "initial" Lyme bout. I also developed Bells Palsy (on my right side) during that jaunt, before they finally agreed it was Lyme's and didn't wait for the titre results and started me on Doxy and steroids.

I am a responsibility junkie, but have been working just as a clerk in a grain store for several years now, but my private life is consumed by training and showing rare horse size, Mammoth Donkeys. I try to stay active, but it sure makes it hard to pull my share of the housework, after I've been outside working the animals.

Any thoughts you might have, PLEASE let me know.
I'm located in Massachusetts.

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