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In response to some of your questions, Ticker, I have seen several infectious disease specialists, been tested for other possible infections, and they all tell me the same thing -- my symptoms are not typical of Lyme Disease, therefore, as far as they can tell, I have a post-Lyme Disease syndrome which is like telling me I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The options recommended to me were to see a physical therapist to prevent deconditioning and a psychiatrist to aid the neurological symptoms.

What's weird is my sypmtoms haven't changed much since I've been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and they never hesitated to give me IV Rocephin and Doxycycline right off the bat! However, after several months and only slight improvement, they decided to discontinue the antibiotics and diagnose me with post-Lyme Syndrome. It's very frustrating, but I'm not giving up. I'm going to see a Lyme specialist in Marlton, NJ just to get one final opinion on this whole thing.

I get the feeling the every persons case is slightly different, but what's scary is how do we know what to do? With no test to see if you are cured, you may never know if just a couple months more of antibiotics would have cured you yet you gave up too soon. Still, I feel that 6 months is a good cutoff date even though most doctors will stop at 2 to 3. If only there was a standard protocol.

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