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Re: Lab tests
Oct 30, 2004
Hi 5labudas,

First of all I want to say I am sorry your husband is so sick and that he is in a place of uncertainty right now. I recently was in that place searching for a diagnosis and it can be frustrating and scary. So I hope soon you will have some answers.

As far as the testing, I would really recommend you find a LLMD (lyme literate medical doctor). As many will attest to hear on this board, Infectious Disease doctors are not always well voiced on diagnosing lyme or ordering a test from a lyme specialty lab. I had three blood tests that reported a negative reading for lyme. I then found a LLMD and was tested through IgeneX labs in Palo Alto and they found a positive reading for Lyme and the coinfeciton Babesiosis. Apparently IgeneX is much more conscientious about handling the blood samples properly, as well as conducting the tests by hand instead of by machine...this is what I have heard.

You want to make sure that they test your husband for Lyme using both the Elisa Test and the Western Blot. Normally, they test with the Elisa first and if this shows a positive then they conduct the more accurate Western Blot. Well the Elisa from what I have read is not as sensitive as the Western Blot so if the patient tests negative on the Elisa the Western Blot is never done. This is very unfortunate and I am sure misses a lot of people that are infected. So make sure they conduct both for your husband.

As well, he needs to be tested for coinfections that include Babesiosis, Ehrlichioisis, Bartonella, and Mycoplasma. It is of utmost importance that he is tested for these since this will affect choosing the proper treatment protocol for him. For instance, Babesiosis is a malaria like illness and requires treatment with antimalarials, antibiotics will not clear this up.

I hope this helps. The necessity of seeing an LLMD cannot be stressed enough. There is still a lot of controversy surrounding the diagnosis of lyme. There are even doctor's that argue how many bands, and which bands on the Western Blot are indicative of a lyme diagnosis. Tests should not be relied on completely. A good LLMD will also consider your husbands symptoms as the whole part of the picture. Ticker here on the board can give you some recommedations for a LLMD in your area. She is a plethera of great information.

Good luck to you and healthy days ahead for your husband.


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