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Hello everyone. I need some help with Igenex WB results I just received, and with some additional questions I have. I also posted this on the other Lyme site so I apologize if some of you read this twice. The results are as follows:

34 +/-
39 +/-
41 +
58 +
66 +/-

18 +/-
28 +
30 +/-
31 +/-
39 +/-
41 +/-
45 +/-
66 +/-

All bands not listed resulted as negative.

Of course the regular doctor read from the Igenex sheet and said these are negative for Lyme. I realize that Lyme is a clinical diagnosis and that blood test results are only part of the picture but I need some help with the following questions.

1. Has anyone had similar results and actually had Lyme? What are my results showing? Is it possible this really is Lyme? Some input from those of you who have seen many results would be greatly appreciated.

2. I'm curious as to there being more +/- results in the IgM since I have had "whatever" I have for several years. Any thoughts on this?

3. Would it be worthwhile to see if the LLMD closest to me would just look at these results and sort of "screen" them as to whether I should be seen by him or not? I ask this because the doctor is several hours drive away each way and I am so not up to that kind of a trip if he is just going to look at my results and flatly say "you don't have Lyme."

4. It seems as if some LLMDs consider equivocal results significant but others do not. How does someone know if treatment for equivocal results is legit? I want to try whatever I can that may help me but I don't want to be given some kind of false hope and stay on antibiotics if not warranted.

Thanks for any and all comments!

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