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[QUOTE=arcticablue]Dear Vicki,

I live near Springfield, MO and see Dr. C. He has been an awesome doctor and his staff and nurses are always there to help you if you have needs between appointments. What city is your doctor in? Some of the information you've been given sounds similar to what I was given. You need to keep in contact with your doctor...and if you didn't take the medicine as recommended...please let your doctor know. My doctor recommends coming off of the antibiotics for a few days if you get to herxing really bad. He claims that if you don't take the time to rest from the antibiotics, your body will just get overloaded with toxins and will not be able to heal. In fact, he claims that if you continue your meds while having bad herxheimer reactions you can downward spiral. Lyme bacteria has such a slow reproduction rate, so missing a few days of antibiotics with Lyme is not that big of a deal like it would be with strep throat or something whee the bacteria grows quickly. You need to think of taking your antibiotics like chipping away at a big iceberg. Keep chipping away! I am on ceftin...and I've herxed several times since starting my therapy...and once I start slowly increasing my dosage to where it should be...I herx again. It's frustrating to have to stop taking the meds here and there, but the herxing let's you know the medicine is working! I am now taking slightly less...and will only increase once things plateau. It's such a struggle dealing with this disease, but you're not alone. I do know what you mean about feeling worse after eating sugar or hidden nightshades. Did your doctor give you information about the pain free diet? My diet is very bland too...and sometimes I cheat...but then I pay for it! I do hope that you can get the help you need. I do hope that you will go back to your doctor or another LLMD. I'm on 500 mg of Ceftin twice daily (but am taking a slight bit less because the full amount causes me to have bad herxes), Nystatin 4 times daily and also take 2 Acidophilus tablets after each meal and prenatal vitamins because I'm pregnant. I had to buy one of those pill boxes that have four compartments for each day, and then I also made a 24 hour chart to help me keep track of when I'm supposed to take my medicine. I do hope that you can get the help you need! Please let us know! Remember, you're not alone! From another Lymer in MO! :wave:[/QUOTE]

Hi! Thanks so much for responding! I am excited to hear from you because I am seeing the same doctor! I feel really thankful to have him because he does stay on top of lymes disease as much as possible and is really working at helping us to get well. I just get overwhelmed with all the information he gives me and there are SO many directions a person could go in getting tested and so forth. When I get out the papers he gives me and go over them I really feel depressed for awhile just wondering if I am going the right direction. I have mentioned not taking the doxy enough and told Dr. C that I was only taking the Ceftin every three days (thought I was practicing pulse therapy?) but no one mentioned going back and taking them again. I am in the third antibiotic of Zithromax and I am going into my third month with it.
The western blot test that I had came back 97% and I had over 100 of the symptoms listed on his sheet. The growth hormone test came back ok as did the thyroid blood test. Now he wants me to take Cortisol and other hormones. I am borderline on the cortisol and I am just uneasy about taking the cortisol as it requires a very strict diet of NO breads, sugars, cereals, grains, etc for it to be effective. It is basically a very strick Atkins diet and I am not comfortable doing that. But I have the book about Hormone Therapy that the dr. recommended and I am going to study it and then decided.
Also I have 4 big mercury fillings that I am wondering about.
My daily schedule is:
Breakfast:Flucanaze for yeast, brown rice farina with flaxseed and Stevia, 8oz. coffee
Mid-morning: pc. of Ezekiel bread with small amt. organic peanut butter, cup green tea
-cal-mag, Healthy Woman supplement, grapeseed extract
Late-morning: 8,000mg Buffered C
Lunch: Egg burrito with onion on spelt tortilla
-cal-mag, healthy woman supplement, garlic pill, fish oil tablet
30 minutes later: acidophilus with bifidus
2 hours later: 3 charcoal tablets with 2 flaxseed oil tablets
Supper: salad (romaine, spinach, carrots, organic seeds and nuts, onion, sprinkle of cheese, cucumber, broccoli, with small amt. of organic dressing)(all of the veggies are organic), spelt spaghetti with pad of organic butter
at least an hour later: cal-mag, healthy woman supplement, grapeseed extract

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! It is hard to really know what is the best time to take all of this stuff!
Also, when you eat sugar or nightshades what happens? I definitely have more pain which occurs in my face, hands, etc. Also, feel fatigued and overall BAD!
Also, what are your main symptoms right now?
I would love to keep in contact with you since you are another of Dr. C. patients! Maybe you can help me sort through so much information. I just wonder if you have considered any of the other tests or directions to go besides antibiotics, like fasting, colostrum, Detox Max, etc.
Anyway, sorry to ramble! Thanks for your encouragement and help! How far along are you? I have four children! From 6 years old to 24!
Well, thanks again!

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