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Hi everyone hope all is well,
I am completing my fifth month on zithro/plaquenil and mepron. I also have an MS dx due to the number of lesions and their location. My doctor is now recommending I start 2 months of IV Rocephin to get the meds into the central nervous system faster. I will need to have a PICC line inserted at a local hospital. I'll admit this scares me alot! I would appreciate hearing your experiences with IV meds. and the insertion of a PICC line. How did you go about your everyday lives with this in your arm? I have two children and can't imagine how the line will affect my daily life. I've been handling the oral meds just fine but the MS dx is pushing my Dr. to treat me more aggressively. I wonder if the IV Rocephin worsens symptoms as the die off is greater and faster? Is the insertion of the PICC line painful? How did you care for the line? I'm sure the nurse will go over all of this when my insurance co. approves the IV treatment. That's up in the air as well (HMO!) So far they've paid for the 5 months of oral but who knows with the IV therapy. Thanks in advance for your help and for sharing your experience.
hi jenn100
i did not have a pic line i was told i would get abx for 1 year or longer so i chose a mediport implant. this sounded safer and with proper covering, i could still shower. we changed the huber needle and clear covering every3-5 days. it has been in for 17 months now with no complications. yes it hurts a bit when changing but the stick doesn't last long. i used iv rocephrin for 8 months. my insurance covered 54 day and stoped claiming long term abx experimental and nonconclusive and not covered. i have seen iv treatment is easier to obtain with a dx of micoplasma infection, then they give you doxicyclene. i have been on abx over 2 years and have not turned the corner yet but i will not give up.
good luck and God bless you,
Jenn, good luck. Remember there are ways to get help if your insurance company will not pay for treatment.

Keep us posted.

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