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Hi Jenn100 :)

When are you getting the line put in? Getting a PICC line can seem very overwhelming, but it really is a simple procedure. Usually the area where the line will be inserted is numbed beforehand. When the line is inserted, there will be a stick but you should not feel it for long. The line will be threaded up to the desired place and an x-ray will be taken to make sure it is in the proper place. Do an on-line search for PICC line insertion for a more detailed description.

You need to be careful with certain things, but the line should not interfere much with your daily activities. Most important is to keep the area clean and dry at all times. If there is ever any kind of redness or pain, call your nurse or doctor immediately. The nurse will explain the infusion procedure thoroughly and will supervise you until you are comfortable doing it by yourself. I found it helpful to write all the instructions down step by step. Not only do you have a record of the instructions, but writing it down reinforces the information better. You will get the hang of it in no time. There is a great product you can get to cover the PICC line so you can shower without getting the site wet. It is called a PICC line protector and you can buy it on-line at Brown Medical. It is a big help.

There are ways to get prescription assistance for people whose insurance company will not pay for meds or for people who are uninsured. Hopefully, you won't have any problem.

IV meds are stronger than oral so you may herx worse.

I bet you will adjust to this much quicker than you think. Good luck!

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