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Hi all, thanks for being so helpful with so many things to do with lyme. Can you give more information about getting help when insurance companies cut you off? I have no insurance now because my insurance company would not pay for the medications that I needed. I pay for them myself, and so I can't pay for insurance. Do you know what I mean? I only have so much money, can't pay both!

Right now I take zithromax ($450 a month), doxycycline (150) and plaquenil. I go to a wharehouse type store that has a pharmacy. They seem to be cheapest.

Thanks again for wanting to help people.
Hi sleeperwoken, welcome to the board!

I am very sorry you do not have insurance. I know the meds for Lyme are very expensive. The majority of drug manufacturers have prescription assistance programs for people who are uninsured or whose insurance will not pay for medications.

Get on-line and find out the name of the maufacter for each of your medications. For instance, I believe Pfizer manufactures Zithromax. Then go to the home page for each company. Do a search for prescription assistance and see if there is information. If not, get the phone number and call for information. If you still cannot get any help, get the name of the CEO off the website and write him/her a letter. Explain your situation and end your letter with "Can you help?" I would be surprised if you did not get a response. If you don't get a response, do some research on-line for prescription assitance. There are probably other programs available.

Good luck! It may take some doing, but there is always a way to get help.

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