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Thanks ncgirl88,

And everyone else. I can feel your fingers being crossed for us!! Guess what? We are seeing him Monday at 5:00!!! Just faxed back all his paperwork. I am bringing a big file with me as well. Poor kid has a fat file already--all within the past three yrs and all having to do with suspected and misdiagnosis of other diseases, blood work, hospital summaries, and reports. His Igenex results are in there too. I do not think I have posted his results from there on here so I will at the end, see what you "experts" think. (smile) I say that with love--seems we all know WAY more that SO many docs!

Lyme IgM WB
bands 18,39,41,66 all equivocal

bands 34,39,45,66 all equivocal
band 58 pos
band41 strong pos Which they stated was a neg. result

Then... we blasted it up w/ antibiotics and got:

Lyme IgM
bands 30,39,41 all now--equivocal---the rest neg

Lyme IGG now equivocal with
bands 30,34,41,58 all equivocal
bands 39,66 positive

This above test was done 1 month after the first, and on antibiotics for that time. Anyway, what do you all think?

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