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Re: Called my Lab
Nov 17, 2004
Hi Benzi,

I don't think we have talked b4. My son Mark is 8 and we have been talking about him a lot here lately. He has very, very swollen joints when he first got sick, but not anymore. They just ache badly. I know that some do tho. Do they get red or hot too? Just wondering b/c they will probably say RA if so. They played around w/ that DX w/ him a lot. NOT! His hand, knee and neck would swell mostly. Now all that gets swollen are his throat, eyes, and lymphnodes. I think in him it has attacked a lot of mucous membranes as if it were all symptoms of Sjogrens syndrome. Everyone is so damn different, I swear. It's what keeps so many docs thinking it must be in our heads I think. I hear ya about the pressure to perform. I ahve almost been tempted to have Mark down play feeling well just after missing the end of football practice due to extreme fatigue and soreness. I pulled him aside and said something like," don't run around and act like you are fine now b/c they will just think you're a big faker!" and then I stopped and went," no, just ...never mind, I'm glad you're feeling better." It can really change minute to minute Dr Jones reminded us that even parents need to be reminded of that. A little fun time with friends does not mean they are not feeling really bad, what do we want them to do--sit and a corner and cry? They will push themselves to live their life and we must not think they cannot. Live, be as happy as you can be, and fight like crazy, right? Good luck. What's the deal with the cysts in your head? that must be scary. --L

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