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Called my Lab
Nov 17, 2004
I called my lab who did the Lyme test just to see about how long the test takes to come back and they can't tell me. I called my Dr's office and they can't tell me either. I sure feel like I am getting the run around here. Am losing hope and faith in the medical profession. Because I can not afford to just go to Lyme Dr. and my insurance will not pay for Lyme Dr. I thought maybe there is a next best kind of Dr.? anyone have any idea's. In case you have not read my previous posts. I was bitten by a tick on a camping trip and 3 weeks later developed a bulls eye rash which started out about 1/2 inch across with red center and ended up 7inches across with about 2/1/2 inch white center it was round. About 3 weeks after that started feeling fatigue, muscle pains, achey joints, then 6 weeks ago started getting headaches, memory loss, spelling words backwards, loss of coordination (walk funny) stiff neck enlarged glands and my spleen seem's enlarged and painful. This last week I can add hearing loss and ringing/pain in left ear and vision loss left eye. THIS PCP SAW THIS RASH ordered the test but seems unconcerned about any of these symptoms. I call and report anything new and never hear back even when I ask them to return my calls. They did order a CT scan of my head and I had that Monday. No results yet but I know they saw something because the rad techs told me so. They said lump on my head (cyst) I already knew about that. Kept asking me if I had a head injury! Well needless to say the whole thing is driving me crazy and I can't sleep. Well thanks for letting me vent does anyone have any idea how long Western blot takes? The lab did say they MIGHT do it if other test indicates? Also are all of my symptoms consistant with Lyme even the cyst?

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