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Hi JamesII1984, I am glad you are getting the treatment you need :)

Are you taking the Flagyl three times a day from the start? From what I understand, it is best to start off slow with Flagyl and slowly build up the dose. Call your doctor and see if you can build it up over time. Also, make sure you have no alcohol of any kind when on Flagyl. This includes alcohol in mouthwash etc. It can make you very sick. Also, check your pharmacy print-outs to see if you can take the meds after eating. This should help tremendously. Make sure you wait at least two hours before or after taking the meds to take the acidophilus or the meds will not be absorbed properly. Your body needs some time to adjust to the medication.

It sounds like you are doing a Lyme Blot Assay test--a urine test that IgeneX does.

Many doctors do pulse therapy with the meds. The person takes it for so many days on, then so many off. One example is to take it for five days on and two off. This may be what your doctor i s prescribing for the Flagyl. I suggest asking him.

I think your intestional problems will resolve soon--I sure hope they do. Most antibioitics can be taken with food or after eating, so check to see if yours can. If so, eat something substantial. This should be a big help.

Good luck!

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