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JamesII -

You got your it looks like it took us about the same amount of time from the time we started having problems to the time we have started treatment. I just started on my regimen 2 weeks ago yesterday. I have been on antibiotics for a month though. They put me on Cipro and Flagyl for 2 weeks for a small intestinal bad bacterial well this kept the lyme at bay until my appointment with my specialist.

When I was on the Cipro an Flagyl I did have moments of diarreah but after a week on it my body got more adapted to it and it wasn't as bad. I take a double dose of ProBiotics once in the morning on an empty stomach upon waking and then in the evening before retiring to bed. You want to take the probiotics on an empty stomach so it can plant itself where it needs to be planted. Be sure you get a probiotic that has as many multiple strains of good bacteria as you can, not just acidolphilous. It should be refrigerated...a health food store can help you with this.

I am taking the Mepron for Babeisosis and Zithromax at the moment and I still have my moments where I am running to the bathroom. I think it is the Zithromax because I can time it after taking it. I feel like I can't be more than 10 steps from the bathroom. It is a drag.

The urine test they are having you do I think is to look for the borrelias byproducts in your urine after being released by the antibiotic. IgeneX has some information on their website I believe about this test. The urine just helps to prove that the bacteria is present.

Did you get tested for coinfections?

I am so glad you are doing alright and are getting treatment. I posted a month or so ago when I finally got my diagnosis - "JamesII are you out there?" I just felt a comraderie with you since we both got sick within days of each other and it was your symptoms that you posted that really helped to convince me this was what was going on with me. As well, after your parent's reaction thinking you just needed a good antidepressant I was hoping that you had gotten to a LLMD and hadn't ended up at a therapist's office instead.

It turns out I have lyme, ehrlichiosis, and babesiosis and that I am chronic at this point...really stinks! At least I have a great doctor and know that I am getting the best treatment I can.

Take care and I hope you are feeling better.

-ncgirl88 :wave:
Hi JamesII1984, I am glad you are getting the treatment you need :)

Are you taking the Flagyl three times a day from the start? From what I understand, it is best to start off slow with Flagyl and slowly build up the dose. Call your doctor and see if you can build it up over time. Also, make sure you have no alcohol of any kind when on Flagyl. This includes alcohol in mouthwash etc. It can make you very sick. Also, check your pharmacy print-outs to see if you can take the meds after eating. This should help tremendously. Make sure you wait at least two hours before or after taking the meds to take the acidophilus or the meds will not be absorbed properly. Your body needs some time to adjust to the medication.

It sounds like you are doing a Lyme Blot Assay test--a urine test that IgeneX does.

Many doctors do pulse therapy with the meds. The person takes it for so many days on, then so many off. One example is to take it for five days on and two off. This may be what your doctor i s prescribing for the Flagyl. I suggest asking him.

I think your intestional problems will resolve soon--I sure hope they do. Most antibioitics can be taken with food or after eating, so check to see if yours can. If so, eat something substantial. This should be a big help.

Good luck!

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