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I've been sick on and off for 25 years and just recently was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Started Antibiotics 1 month ago. I'm not really clear what to expect. Can you really get well from antibiotics after been sick this long? Also does anyone have a sense of how long realistically it takes?

Also would love to hear from others about the ups and downs (herx) of taking antibiotics. When I first started I got really really ill for about 5 days and have had 2 other of these episodes the last month. Sometimes I think its just me staying sick rather than anything to do with the antibiotics or (herx reaction). I really don't feel any better and would love to hear from others who have gone through this process.

I also went through the die off of lyme, it lasted about 6-months coming and going where I thought I was getting sicker.

I still after a year about on antibiotics, do at times still experence die off.

Really can't answer any questions just what I have been through. I am doing better, the best in years, but still on the Antibiotics, stopped for a couple weeks and was becoming ill again, back on them and I feel great?

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