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First post to THIS board. Posted (minus symptoms) on similar board Friday. Also emailed contact persons with local support group but not response yet. The support group meets 2nd Sunday of month... just missed it.
I am posting in hopes of finding a doctor knowledgeable on LD. I need testing, do not have insurance and would like the most cost effective approach available.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Are there some specific 'test names' that I could request my GP to run as a starting point?

I've had 'ringed' rashes for three years. They've been tested, biopsied and all I know is that I supposedly don't have ringworm or psoriasis/eczema. They are totally resistant to strong cortisone gels and cremes. Have slowly spread to many areas.

I went to doc with a grapefruit size swelling on side of neck (lymph gland) two years ago or so. Nothing.

I've experienced heart palipatations or something?? for the last few years but
they are more prominent now. Used to only be at night in bed. More frequent and in daytime also. Feels like a skipped beat with light-headedness.

Occasionally, when laying in bed at night, I feel like I'm plugged in to something. Like I'm buzzing. Also, at times, strange eye flash stuff but my eyes are closed and the room is dark.

I have frequent numbness/tingling in fingers/toes sometimes hands/feet. Comes out of the blue.

Ringing in ears, eye pressure, eye floater, vision deteriorating and varies from day to day, eyelids are very puffy - new symptom.

Neck is sore, tender, stiff. Frequent headaches. Feels like I have infection in neck.

Sternum became very tender/sore a month or so ago. Then a puffy area
popped up between breastbone where soreness is and at the same time, tenderness spread to different areas in chest wall. Also one on right shoulder blade. Sometimes I notice a slight sense of 'labored' breathing for no reason.
I discount it as I have very mild asthma but this happens when I'm stationary without typical asthma symptoms. (I've learned that the tip of sternum is subject to arthritis).

My hands have become very sensitive to bone pain in the night. I wake and need to straighten them because either the wrists or fingers hurt due to position I have them in while sleeping. Same with right shoulder. I wake with it aching either because I have my arm stretched over my head or I'm laying on that side. Also, both shoulders/arm sockets are popping a lot but especially the right one. It feels weak. When I go to reach for something it makes a noise and it hurts. I've also found myself feeling like my shoulders can't support my head. First when I was walking my dog but also, just watching TV.

The lymph glands under both arms feel swollen and I feel a pulling from them occasionally. I am going a mamogram soon.

For last few years my esophagus/trac will feel tight/sore almost like it's contracting. I try to move it around/wiggle it, at the throat trying to relax it. This isn't frequent but I am mentioning it in reference to newest stuff going on.

Also, about 2 years I started sensing a large air bubble underneath left rib cage that was very uncomfortable and came in waves - like contractions come. I would exert pressure with an audible sound and make it go away quicker. It has just been bothersome and strange.

In the last month it came back after eating a high fat meal. It lasted and eventually turned into pain, belching, etc. Pain high in abdomen just left of center that still had a 'contraction' or movement feel to it but HURT! Pain then spread to esophagus, more up into chest but also down. Didn't want to eat. Some nausea with pain.

I went to doc and he ordered sonogram of gall bladder. Negative test. I'm on a heavy duty antacid/esophageal repair med as a trial.

I do not have acid indigestion but he mentioned gastritis or ulcer.

I feel like I'm in a fog much of the time. I've had to bouts of depression in the last 3 months that came on fast and the second one seemed to be gone over night. Yesterday was headache free and amazing.

I know I feel like crap but also feel a bit crazy when I list this stuff. I went to doc for stomach symptoms and was scared by the time I went. I was sure that gb was problem and when tech said 'no, gb is clear', I went back to doc right then. I NEVER go to the doc. But now I feel like something is really wrong. In the last few months, several symptoms have piled up, the two depressions were bizarre and then I look back over the last 3 years to the list of symptoms that have been popping up and I am fearful of what is going on in my body. :confused:
First time I've written all this. Need direction and would appreciate any input!

Blessings, cj

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