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C pneumoniae
Nov 24, 2004
Ok this is going to be a long post so bare with me.
Becides all the co-infections mentioned there is one more. Chyldmia pneumoniae. No its not the std chlydmia. This disease in NOT a sexually transmitted disease, its an intracellular bacteria. We have all been exposed to it at one time or another much like strep throat.
Anyways, there are some things about these bacteria that make it important so I’ll tell you why I’m concerned. My friend has lyme by igenex standards shes actually only missing the cdc diagnosis by one band which is equivocal instead of positive. She is the closest to a CDC conmfirmed diagnosis as anyone here on this board who is igenex positive only. So, she is in your shoes. Anyways shes being treated for lyme right now and getting better. However her lyme antigen test was actually negative and she is very very sick.
Back to the other bug. This c pneumonie was previously diagnosed in people by a comparitve type serology test. Basically monitering the IGG, IGA, IGM levels. This bacteria is near impossible to culture thus culturing is not done for diagnosis.
Anyways where I live, recently the test for this bacteria had recently changed. Now the diagnosis is done by a nasopharngeal swab or lung tissue sample where they look for DNA of the bacteria. (this is still different than a rountine swab where they attempt to culture an infection)

Anyways point is this. This bacteria causes a flu like illness much like bronchitis, pneumonie sinusitis etc and if your immune system doesn’t cure it. It jumps onto your lymphocytes and invades your white blood cells just like a virus. It stays in there and causes chronic intracellular infection. A regular course of even zithromax or biaxin is still not enough to totally get rid of it

So, based on the new tests vs the old tests they used to do, there is now no way to determine a chronic infection in the blood though the regular health care system. It seems they will only diagnose acute infection of the upper and lower respitory tract but are ignoring diagnosis for disseminated disease Their new tests cannot determine if its in the blood, they only determine if its in the lungs or sinuses.

Sorry I told you this was long. Anyways point is…. Based on the old antibody tests, my friend had this bacteria. Fortunatly there is a private lab here that will search your BLOOD for the bacterias DNA. She sent away for this along with a few lyme co-infections and sure enough it came back positive. The result was that she has this C pneumonie bacteria in her blood.

This bacteria is treated with zithromax or biaxin and is somewhat succeptible to a few other antibiotics but for the most part only these two. There are other new drugs developing and I think only one is recently on the market. Anyways my point is this…

C pneumoniae is as pathogenic as lyme and is likely the cause of chronic athsma, vasculitis, inflammation, heart disease and had been found in people with autoimmune disorders. It stays in the blood and produces inflammatory chemicals.

Even if you had this bacteria in your throat and went to the Dr and did a regular swab it would come up negative as this bacteria cannot be cultured and requires special DNA testing. This bacteria only causes slight fever in the beginning of infection and then it goes away.

I guess its very similar to mycoplasma. Anyways my friend who has been dx with lyme has inconclusive proof of lyme according to cdc and conclusive proof of c pneumonie infection which would be viewed as positive by cdc.

My Dr is treating her for lyme with zithromax + other abs. I am wondering if its even possible she doesn’t even have lyme, and that she only has c pneumoniae. They both respond to the same antibiotic. Then I start to think what if many people actually don’t have lyme and have this instead. Its capeable of causing all the same symptoms

Ok, now to me…

Clinically, If I told you guys my story you would dx me with lyme yourselfs. Im not dying right at the moment but ive been near dead in the past. Everything from lupus to enviormnmental illness to multiple chemical sensitivities to multiple sclerosis to hospital to hospital yadda yadda yadda. When I got to the point of near death after one hospital visit and given biaxin I realised it was curing me so somehow I managed to renew prescriptions from every dr I could find for 5 months straight. I cured myself, or so I thought. No symptoms. From near death to cured in 5 months. I was off biaxin and found symptoms returning within 2 weeks. I tried again on the biaxin but it was no longer working.

Years go by yadda yadda….

My Lyme test is equivocal (lyme) but my dr fights with me convinced I do have it and wants to treat me. Heres my dilemma. I too have antibodies against this C pneumoniae. IGG and IGM. Things is, ive had IGM there for 10 years. Now why would I have an igm for 10 years???? IGG I understand but why IGM ?

The DNA test of lung or sinus is probably usleless since this is obviously in my blood noty in my lungs if it is there. Nest week I am sending away for a dna test of blood for C pneumoniae from a private lab. If it comes back positive then I will be changing my whole perception of this igenex lyme situation. The reason… mostly because my friends panel was positive in igenex standards but still we have proved that she has another infection with all the same criteria…

Responsive to zithromax
Cannot be cultured in routine culture( meaning cultures will come back negative)
Causes autoimmune symptoms and chronic illness just like lyme

So, in short if my C pneumonie test comes back positive then add C pneumonie to the list of co-infectionals and differential diagnosises. If it comes back negative then I guess I will be joining you and my friend in the fight against Lyme.

I promise to keep everyone updated and although I don’t post much I read a lot and think you guys are all really intelligent.

I hope you guys understand what im getting at. If not feel free to question.

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