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Hi DancerGirl -

I hope your pain has disappeared today. Have you called Dr. J's?

Thanks for asking how I am. I am hanging in there. I had some good days last week and it was a taste of freedom but after feeling half way decent for 4 days I slipped back into that herxing place. Saturday I drove home from the lake where we spent Thanksgiving. One hour into the drive I had to pull over and let my husband drive.

You know one of the parts of this disease that just really drives me nuts is the fact that I feel like so much of my independence is slipping away. I hate this! It depresses me right now. So today is not an easy day. I am so grateful to have my husband though...he has really helped to support me in so many ways.

Anyway, I am hanging in. I am scheduled to see Dr. J on Wednesday and am looking forward to meeting the man that I helped out. He happens to have an appointment on the same day. He is getting a PICC line inserted the same day and has an appointment that day too...he is probably going to not like me so much after his PICC line appointment...anyway we are hoping to go out to lunch with he and his wife.

Take care Dancer - Thanks for asking. Were you able to get an appointment sooner?


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