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:wave: I'm new to this formum and lyme community. My story is very similar to many of yours. In 7/95, my vision began to dim and the doctors were puzzled. By 12/95 it got so bad that the neuro-opthomologists ordered a MRI where they saw lesions and diagnosed me with MS. Every doctor that I've ever seen said the same thing: your symptoms don't fit the profile for MS. I was tested for lyme using the Western Blot but it was an IGG equivical. Since then it's been MS and injections since 1999. I was injecting once a week for 2 years but as my symptoms worsened, I begain the every other day injections - 3 years and still getting worse!!!

My wife's message therapist recommended a doctor that specializes in alternative therapies, so I made an appointment in 8/04. He tested me for blood mercury and lyme. The Western Blot IGG was negative but the IGM was definately positive (+39 kDa, ++41 kDa). I was shocked! He started me on Fluconazole 200mg daily for one week and will start IV Rocephin daily for 4 weeks and Zithromax 600mg daily for 4 weeks on Friday. I hope it helps to restore some of my balace, coordination, dizziness, numbness, tingling, strength in legs, on and on. I'm still in stock over this new diagnosis.
I just did a search on Lyme organisations in my area. and I found this post by a girl named Carryon it it goes well with the post I JUST made above.

I am better. I can walk again.
I am better. I have stopped jerking and twitching.
I am better. I can stand on one foot without losing my balance.
I am better. I do not have to use my cane.
I am better. I can stay awake most days.
I am better. I sleep at night most nights.
I am better. I feel warmer.
I am better. I have no pain.

I am thankful for all these things.

I am better EXCEPT that I still cannot remember who you are or recognize your face.
I am better EXCEPT that I get flustered so easily. Not like the professional career woman that I was.
I am better EXCEPT that I cannot organize myself well enough to plan and cook a meal.
I am better EXCEPT that I still have trouble reading.
I am better EXCEPT that I still cannot work.

I was so happy to finally have a diagnosis and when I responded so well to treatment. I do not want to appear ungrateful but I still want my life back. I have not relapsed. I am just realizing that Lyme has changed everything in my life. The cognitive things are SO SLOW to come back.


(4 years with unexplained progressive neurological symptoms, 9 weeks of IV ceftriaxone also Zithromax, Ceftin for 4 months, off all antibiotics since August, doing well except…)

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