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Western Blot
Nov 29, 2004
I am concerned about the IV treatment that starts Friday. While I am IgM positive by CDC standards, I was IgG negative. My understanding is that if you are IgM positive, you should be IgG positive if you have chronic neurological symptoms. Years ago (1997), I tested positive on an ELSA tither (1.15) after an equivocal test (0.8) earlier that year. Unfortunately, the doctor said it was probably a false positive and therefore no additional testing was necessary and the MS diagnosis remained.

Question: Since the IgM shows current activity and the IgG residual activity, should I take the IV therapy or wait :confused:

Re: Western Blot
Nov 29, 2004
Hi Carl Erik -

If I were you I would go forward with the intravenous antibiotics. You had a positive Elisa at one point which is more than a lot of us here on this board have had. I can't believe the doctor that administered this Elisa said it was a false positive without conducting a third test. False negatives are a lot more common in the Elisa than false positives.

I have been sick with lyme definitely for 7 months but more likely at least 1 1/2 years, possibly 3 years. I have no IgM antibodies at all (at least the day I was tested), I had only IgG antibodies that day. The initial Elisa tests they gave me through conventional labs they didn't even test me for IgG and said since I didn't have IgM antibodies I didn't have lyme. My Elisa Titer was negative twice so they did not proceed with the Western Blot.

As Ticker here on the board will tell you, no lyme test can be trusted as 100% reliable. This bacteria changes and morphs. One of my doctors said that he had a patient that had lyme for ten years and while in normal circumstances most bacterial infections cause the body to produce IgM antibodies at initial onset then the IgM disapate and then there are only IgG antibodies. With lyme bacteria they morph and the body thinks they are fighting a new infection when it is really still the lyme. So it has been noted by many researchers and physicians that chronic lyme patients that they have IgM antibodies present.

I only tested equivocal for IgG antibodies and negative for IgM for lyme yet I had a very positive Babesiosis diagnosis (tick borne coinfection) and a positive ehrlichiosis - these coinfections point to the fact that I am positive for lyme. I have started treatment as of a month ago and am slowly getting better.

I wish you luck Carl Erik. I would go through with the antibiotic treatment.

Keep us posted.


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