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I had a positive western blot and have made an appiontment with a lyme doc.
However I'm thinking in the mean of repeating the western blot and adding any other tests that are important through a local doc that is very cooperative with me so that I'll have more to offer the lyme doctor.
Does anyone know i fthe Antigen Detection or PCR from IGeneX is more thorough/ accurate than the Western Blot. I called IGeneX but no answer.
I'm sure the lyme doc I'm scheduled to see will know but I want to step out on this and be proactive.
Hi Ozarka,
I tested positive on the Western Blot and my doctor started me on antibiotics immediately. She asked me to do a quantitative blood test by Bowen called a Q-RiBb after I tested positive on the Western Blot. I did that and it was a very high reading, the highest possible. I also did it again last month and it was halfway down the chart instead of the highest. I'm glad I did that test when she asked me to because I am able to follow my progress now. It's a new test, insurance doesn't pay.

If you want to do a second test, I can tell you that the Bowen was a good thing for me. You can find more about it if you do a search.

Hope you get answers soon.
Thank you Sleeperwoken.
I wasn't sure about the Bowen's accurcacy as I read that they tested positive on most all things, even Whale blood.
Anyhow, I don't mean to down the test but I've read some unflattering stuff and was told by someone at another lab (I'm pretty heavy on the phone calling) taht some felt they weren't totally reliable. Possibly it's though, as you say, the degree that they find or measure that's important and if it's going down or up. I'm going to look more.
Of course, this might be the best test out there. I"m a real novice.
Thank you again and please share any more info you might have; I really appreciate!
Hmmm, I see your point. Maybe that's why my doctor had me do the western blot first. I can tell you that I had the most miserable herx reaction my first few days on meds, I mean like I might as well have just been dead because it almost killed me. Now the reactions are much better but not gone completely, so the test is showing readings that my syptoms are consistent with. You know what I mean?

I read Bowen showed only two readings that were not positive, out of thousands. Never heard of the whale thing, that's interesting.

I heard that too about never getting cured. What does that mean? I know someone who had lyme for years and she got treated and she's fine now. She's like one of the most energetic people I know. I also know someone who has been getting treatment for almost nine years and she feels miserable most of the time. She even had hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment and is still not better. She looks like a zombie most of the time.

I want to get better. Do people who get lyme always have lyme even if they feel okay?

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