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My doctor explained to me that he has been treating Lyme for three years, and I asked many questions, he is learning as many do, with experience.

I complained I got really sick after two weeks off the antibiotics, then when he started them up again I crashed. He said this isn't so bad and that it can be expected.

We spoke about co-infections, heavy medals, and other things. We are doing testing for heavy medals, and I am being re-tested for many of the co-infections.

I ask about IV antibiotics, and he explained he has had just as much success with oral treatment as IV over the long run. He explained that at times I may feel totally lost, and this is to be expected.

We did speak about many other options from Bee Venom, (he isn't sure about this yet or that there is any proof that would cause him to treat me this ways.)

He did start me on IV of Hydro peroxide and I had a very bad die off last night, one of the worse in a while, I was only given half the treatment, due to his experience and that people have a really bad effect if he treats with the full dose. It took an hour for the full IV to enter my body and about three hours after that I became sick from die off. (I believe this is what it felt like.)

He may include colloidal silver with my next IV treatment something he’s been having good test runs with, but the die off has been very strong so he did only the one IV Hydro peroxide yesterday.

Today I am feeling very good, (not sure if its from the treatment or just I feel good) but I will take it.

I had mentioned before that I have started working out, I still do, and it seems to help. I fatigue very quickly, (in five minutes) he said this is normal with Lyme and it makes the body not absorb oxygen correctly from the blood into the muscles, is what is suspected and what causes the fast fatigue.

Just sharing information with all, hope it helps…

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