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This is my first posting... I've never done message boards or chat rooms before... but I definitely related to "Saw my Lyme Doctor Yesterday." I found you by searching for a Lyme specialist in Houston. From my research it seems that Dr. Salvato is the only lyme doctor currently taking new patients in Houston. She is in the same office as Dr. Harvey (Diversified Medical) who I was told was the only lyme savvy doctor in Houston... however, he is now devoting his efforts to lyme research. Then my neighbor told me about someone who was seeing Dr. Gathe with tremendous results (she is now almost symptom free and thrilled to have her life back). When I called Dr. Gathe's office I was told under no circumstances would he take any new patients (there are days when he sees 60 patients) and he wants to focus on HIV patients. I did the two Western Blot tests with Igenex in Palo Alto, California (as a native Californian in Houston I wanted to ship myself back for testing). Dr. Salvato said I was positive on both bands and my diagnosis was chronic lyme. I have been doing the oral antibiotics (approx. 4 months)... the first caused nausea, second was very expensive... so have been on Cephalexin (500 mg 4x/day). Does anyone know of a Neurologist who specializes in Lyme? Karen, the lady who went to Dr. Gathe said I have to get more aggressive she did a PICC line with Rocephin 3 GM IV... she sent me her journal for the past year and it was pretty frightening... all the medications Imuran, Prednisone, Ortho-Novum, Paxil, Norvasc, Neurontin, Ambien for sleep, Diflucan as needed, Zithromax, Indomethacin 50 mg seemed to help numbness and mobility...Flagyl 500 then to 1500 mg 3x daily to open up cysts and trick the spirochete into taking on a cell wal so that the antibiotics can attach... Actually, she described most of the symptoms I've been having of weight gain (40 lbs. since coming to Houston about 5 1/2 years ago), blood pressure went from low to high, tremendous stabbing pains, with constant dull pressure, muscle spasms and cramping, now have asthma as well with loss of hearing, ringing in ears, sometimes blurry vision, disoriented, memory loss, red prickly rash from ankles to mid calf, swelling, numbness and tingling... it feels like I'm just unraveling.

Did not mean to go on... my hope is that someone out there might possibly know of a Neurologist who is familiar with Lyme and alternative treatments in Houston. When I asked about being more aggressive or other treatments I was referred to a Rheumatologist who said, "we don't have Lyme in Texas" and "the statistics are against your even having Lyme." He was extremely patronizing and stopped just short of saying it was all in my head. When I went back to Dr. Salvato's office to ask why she would refer me to someone like that... she wouldn't see me, had me fill out a form to have one of her medical assistants call after 3pm. This was typical, they don't take calls during the day, you can fax or email but nothing will be done until after 3pm and then you usually don't get a response, it can take several days to get a call back and prescriptions are not called in as promised, so you have to wait until the next afternoon... it is all very frustrating because you have to follow their tight regime or not get any help.

Any referal, alternatives or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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