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I have been taking Biaxin 500mg twice a day for the last two weeks (and was taking 750mg of Flagyl on top of that for the first 5 days), but have yet to see any improvement in my symptoms. Does anyone know how long it takes before improvements can be seen? None of my symptoms have subsided yet so I'm a bit worried. The intestinal side effects from the antibiotics are gone (thanks for all the suggestions, the probiotics and such really seem to have helped), but all my symptoms---the twitches, the black spots in the eyes, the palpitations, the balance problems, the earthquake sensations, the diziness, the memory and speech problems, the ringing in the ears---and so on and so forth---are all very much still with me. I would not expect them to be gone by now of course, but at least I would think they would be subsiding? But so far, there seems to be absolutely no effect whatsoever.

I'll be seeing my doc again in a few weeks. The blood tests were equivocal and didn't meet all of the CDC standards for a positive diagnosis, but in looking at all of the blood tests I had had over the past 6 months my doctor says it shows I definitely have an infection of some kind, and that it is "winning," based on various blood counts, she just isn't positive it's Lyme since the results less than confirmed it beyond a reasonable doubt (many bands were active but were not high enough, or something to that effect). She is having me get tested for EBV and Mono and something else but says that she cannot think of any other disease that would have caused all of my symptoms, especially since they started right after the tick bites, and especially since I was so healthy before that.

When I told her I had taken minocycline at 100 mg a day from my dermatologist for acne (I started getting bad acne right after I started getting sick, but of course at that time knew nothing of Lyme disease and just thought it was hormonal, plus the sickness I felt was probably just a bad flu) a couple weeks after the tick bites for a week or so (about 9 months ago from now) she said that could cause some potential problems, but didn't go into detail. I'm wondering if that might have caused any kind of antibiotic resistance....She did mention that it would have an effect on the accuracy of the blood tests though, so she ordered a urine test. I just sent it in to Igenex and my doctor will get the results in a few weeks (although I think there might be some issues since I was supposed to keep the urine refrigerated the whole time but the power went out in a storm for quite a while, so hopefully pee doesnt spoil as quickly as my milk and yogurt did).

If I don't see improvements on antibiotics, does that mean I don't have Lyme? I don't care what is wrong with me just so long as it can be treated, but I'm just worried since my doctor said that all of my symptoms point to Lyme, so therefore, if it's not Lyme, then that is just one more doctor who doesn't know what is wrong with me...I really really hope I didn't cause some kind of antibiotic resistance with that short course of minocycline I took (but I never would have known anyway). I just want to be healthy again.

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