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Hi All

I am not sure if my symptoms are related to candida overgrowth, or lyme disease, so could someone enlighten me if they have suffered with the same symptoms as me and been dx'd with it. here goes

1) Headaches with spaced out feeling and loss of concentration.
2) Muscle aches all over body
3) Dizziness
4) White Discharge but not itching or anything.
5) Stomach aches
6) Frequent Urination
7) I also suffer with TMJ/Myofacial pain i think, but don't know wether this is contributed by possible lyme or another infection or just due to me clenching.
8) Depression/Anxiety with not knowing whats wrong with me.
9) Tremors/Shakiness, I think this is due to anxiety
10) Not being able to sit for long periods or walk for long periods without feeling achy or the feeling of my legs giving way.
11) Occasional blurry vision.
12) Nose congestion

I have read that most if not all of the above can associate with candida overgrowth and or lyme disease but was just wondering wether anyone out there has suffered like this also.

The reason why I think it might be candida overgrowth is that I took 3 weeks of antibiotics for a sinus infection approx 2 months ago, and I did develop thrush symptoms ie....white thick discharge with burning/itchiness but I took an o-t-c med which seemed to got rid of the burning/itchiness but left me with the white discharge. Also I have just come off the birth control pill would this have anything to do with it also. Also if it was lyme disease wouldn't the antibiotics especially with it being for 3 weeks of gotten rid of the lyme disease? I was on amoxycillin then erthmoxillcin or something like that. One thing I can say when I was on the antibiotics I did feel worse rather than any better, does this happen with lyme disease.

I do remember getting bit by a tick approx 3-4 months ago whereas I still have the tick bite on my leg but it looks more like a scar rather than any bull rash which comes with lyme disease.

Any suggestions, and also does anyone know of any Lyme Disease Specialists in the UK. As I have pulled my local Doc up about this and he just basically looked at me and laughed and said you would be seriously ill and we don't have Lyme disease in this country at least not this part of the country. As I live in a city and not the countryside and not visited the countryside neither. But I do have hedgehogs in the backgarden which I think where my cat got the ticks from, so also do hedgehogs carry this sort of disease. Another my cat doesn't seem to have it, so could I have it without the cat suffering?

Thanks in advance for any replies


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