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Hi Carol Erik. It is great that you have started treatment :) I am sure you are relieved to finally have a course of action.

What dose of Rocephin are you taking and which oral antibiotic? Were you tested for all of the co-infections? I ask because often people who have Lyme are co-infected and it will affect treatment choice and progress. Many Lyme doctors believe the co-infections need to be treated first for Lyme treatment to be effective.

Personally, I do not agree with what the nurse told you. She cannot know how you will respond to treatment. It is important to take acidophilus when you are on antibiotics to replace the good bacteria. The best kind to get are the refrigerated ones. You can usually buy them at health food stores. Make sure you wait at least two hours before or after taking the oral antibiotics before you take the acidophilus or eat yogurt, or the antibiotic will not be absorbed properly.

In case you did not know, there is a cover you can get for your PICC line so you can shower without getting the site wet. It is called a PICC line cover and you can get it on-line at Brown Medical. It is a great help!

You may want to consider educating your co-workers about Lyme disease. It is the second fastest growing infectious disease after AIDS in the US. They could benefit greatly by learning about its seriousness and prevelance and how to protect themselves.

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